Behind a frozen fall: Minnehaha Falls

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What's behind a waterfall? A secret cave hiding an enormous emerald, like in Romancing the Stone? Or a life heart container, like in The legend of Zelda?

In the case of the frozen Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota, you can actually walk behind them, and take a picture of the unusual sight of a water flow on pause:

Minnehaha Falls
View inside the narrow circular corridor at the back of the waterfall.
Image by MJIphotos

Superman's headquarters
In winter, extremely cold temperatures freeze the cascade creating these could-be Superman's headquarters. Image by Jason

Minnehaha Park
The falls are in the middle of a fairly populated area, and are part of a protected city park in the metropolitan region of Minneapolis. Image by Jeff Seim

Minneapolis Falls
This is natural glowing light, in green and icy blue.
Image by MJIphotos

Secret World
But after some digital image tweaking you can get this.
Image by Punchup

According to Wikipedia, an early translation of Minnehaha was Laughing Water, assuming that the haha bit was like in English, onomatopoeia for laugh.
Wrong! It just means waterfall in Dakota language. Image by Sawdust Media

Behind a frozen fall
An open window in the ice belt.
Image by NES+MJH

Minnesota Parks
When temperatures rise, the water starts to run again.
Image by MJIphotos

Frozen waterfall
Depending on the season, the look of the surroundings changes dramatically.
Image by Dodie

Behind waterfall
In autumn, they may even virtually dry up if there is a rain shortage. Once all the ice has melted, you wouldn't say that you were standing before such a special fall at all. Image by Chris Zubke

  1. Amazing. When's the exact right time to see the first drop melt?

  2. Every Saturday, at 12 o'clock... :P It depends on the temperatures, around the beginning of Spring.

  3. It's pretty spectacular in the usual old summer flow, too, despite what the caption above suggests.


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