The Magical Landscape Of Skye: What to visit in the Isle of Skye & The Fairy Glen

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One of the most fascinating parts of Scotland is the extraordinary Isle of Skye. It has everything you can expect to find in the Highlands: stunning greenish landscapes splashed with lakes, waterfalls, and the seaside.

It has haunted castles, picturesque towns, and whisky distilleries. But what makes Skye special are certain unique places that seem out of a fairy tale.

What to visit in Skye

To visit the island, the most interesting route is to follow the road along the coast in the Trotternish peninsula.

Only driving around this loop, leaving Portree, requires a busy day and good luck with the weather.

You will find the map of the itinerary below, at the end of this report.

The Old Man of Storr welcomes you this way. It is the star of Skye, and also a film star in Ridley Scott's Prometheus (here you can find an article about the filming locations).
Image by Alan Rolfe and Stephan Ging

Skye Island
Needless to say that the views from the top are great.
Image by Joe Dunckley

Skye Highlands
The trail leading to the Storr is gorgeous too. Allow one to two hours for the walk from the car park for the whole excursion, round trip.
Image by JM

The Old Man of Storr
The Storr, la nuit.
Image by Piglicker

Sign comparing buses and the rock
A diagram to have an idea of how big is this thing.

Kilt Rock Waterfall
Also don't miss the Kilt Rock. You can use the waterfall to get creative here!

Superman telephone box
In the northern Trotternish peninsula roads have just one lane, but Superman has still his emergency telephone box.
Image by Estorde

If you decide to go climbing the Quiraing, you can spot the eye of Sauron.
Image by Shderuiter

Cave of Gold Skye
The hidden Cave of Gold is Skye's answer to the Giant's Causeway. It's not easy to get to the Cave of Gold. You can follow the instructions from the superb web Walkhighlands.
Image by Richard Wilson and Freddie H.

The Fairy Glen in Sky

Fairy Glen Skye
If you find the Fairy Glen, you'll have the feeling that you are entering another world. Suddenly, the landscape becomes strongly different from the surroundings.
Image by Pelle Sten

Magical Scotland
I only have seen these strange natural mounds in the other side of the world, in New Zealand.
Image by Pelle Sten

Keep the secret
Keep the secret, the Fairy Glen is unspoiled and there are no signs to find it at all.
Image by FionaBrims

Magical place
I must confess that this is one of my favourite pics.

Fairy tale
Fairy Glen has many scenic features in a small area: a tiny pond, a fallen tree, old ruins, and many sheeps leaping around the coned hills.

Haunted forest
Haunted trees that look like they will start walking at any time.

You can visit the tomb of this medieval knight in the Kilmuir Graveyard.
Image by Brewbooks

If you decide to continue your way through other areas of Skye, apart from Trotternish, you can visit Dunvegan Castle going west.
Image by Jim Monk

Jet bird
Look at this awesome jet bird!
Image by David Ian Roberts

Neist Point
The next point of interest is Neist Point.
Image by Neuro74

Talisker Bay
The solitary Talisker Bay is near Carbost, where you can visit the Talisker whisky distillery.
Image by Kalense Kid

Macleod's Maidens
The Macleod's Maidens are some standing stacks on the sea, only reached by land after a long walk from Orbost.
Image by Tony Bridge

Fairy Pools
The Fairy Pools is another magnetic place to see, located in the heart of the Cuillins.
Image by

Fairy Pools Skye
They are a series of waterfalls, crystal-clear emerald pools, and deep cavities, where it is possible to swim in the freezing water if you are brave enough. Image by Snowstorm101

Fairy Pools Scotland
Sligachan bridge, waiting at the crossroads.
Image by Kirsty Hodge

Portree, the largest town of Skye, is populated by 2,500 souls.
Image by Andrea Mucelli

As an extra bonus, Eilean Donan is not in the Isle of Skye, but this famous castle that appeared in films like Highlander is in your way if you are coming through the bridge that connects Skye with the rest of Scotland.
Image by Nagillum

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