The Marble Cathedral

The next wonder in our collection is a series of caves and overtures sculpted in the rock by water erosion, in a beautiful lake of azure colors.

If that doesn't sound too exciting to you, look at the pictures to discover what Mother Nature has been carving over the last millenniums, that deserve a name as lofty as The Marble Cathedral.

This monumental set is located in a wild and inaccessible area in Chile, in a region of large lakes, fjords and glaciers at the extreme Patagonian Andes. The closest airport is in the northern city of Coyhaique, more than a hundred and forty miles away. The caves are about two thousand miles south of the capital of the country, Santiago.

Marble Chapel
This islet is called the Marble Chapel.
Image by Claudio Bustos

Marble Caves
The level of the waters varies a lot depending on the season.
Image by Gripe1976

Marble Cathedral
Hole in the wall.
Image by Gripe1976

Catedral de Mármol
Columns, pilars, flying buttress...
Image by Nick Herber

Capilla Mármol
Image by Jorge Barahona

Puerto Río Tranquilo
Expressionist decorations.
Image by Nick Herber

Marble Cathedral Chile
Getting here, and specially getting out, could take more time than planned due that this section of the Carretera Austral is not paved, and the public transport very limited.
Image by Claudio Bustos

Natural sculpture
The colors also change a lot depending on the light (and if you are lucky with the weather!).

Turquoise lake
It is possible to sail through some of the passageways with a small boat.

Dolphins Lake
Um... Dolphins?
Image by Feffef

Wonderful lake
Image by Nicolas Aracena

Dark Shadows
The dark side of the caves.

Patagonian caves

Lake General Carrera
A view of the Lake General Carrera, where the Marble Cathedral is.

Argentina and Chile
The lake is one of the biggest in America and is shared by Argentina and Chile.
Image by Feffef

Lake Buenos Aires
It is called Lake Buenos Aires in the Argentinian side.
Image by Tot

Patagonian Clouds
Patagonian Clouds.

Azure lake
The lake and surroundings are gorgeous.
Image by Jose Rodriguez

Carretera Austral
The way coming from Coyhaique can take some detours, but is worth it.
Image by Claudius Prößer

3000 Leagues in Search of Mother
It is said that Marco came here in search of his mother.
Image by Teosaurio


  1. very beautiful clear photos. I will consider to visit the sites. thank you all for the good work

  2. Breathtaking....the only word that comes close, yet, it too, is vastly inadaquate.


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