Where is Britannia filmed?

Britannia is a new historical drama, produced by Sky Atlantic and Amazon, that could be the new Vikings. The story of the 10-episode series is set in the year 43 AD, when the Roman army returned to British lands to crush the centre of the Celtic Kingdom of Britannia. The wild territory was then dominated by warrior women and mystical druids, who allegedly had the power to invoke the forces of the underworld.

Heading up the cast will be Kelly Reilly (Sherlock Holmes, True Detective) on the role of Celtic princess Kerra, David Morrissey (The Walking Dead) as roman general Aulus, an unrecognisable Mackenzie Crook (Pirates of the Caribbean) as Druid leader Veran, Zoë Wanamaker (Harry Potter) as Queen Antedia, and Stanley Weber (Outlander) as Lindon among others.

Britannia was filmed on location in Czech Republic and Wales. 10 large sets were built and more than 20 locations are featuring in the series, that won't be premiering until early 2018. However, we have already found many of the filming locations for this long-awaited series:

Britannia where filmed
Although a lot of Britannia was filmed outdoors on location, some interiors were shot at Barrandov Studios in Prague.
Image courtesy of Sky/Amazon

Britannia Czech Republic
A monumental copy of the world-famous Stonehenge complex, including some dwellings, was constructed in a meadow near the small town of Mořinka (Central Bohemian Region of Czech Republic). Image courtesy of Sky/Amazon and Google Maps

Britannia series location
Velká Amerika -Great America, also known as the Czech Grand Canyon- is a spectacular abandoned quarry near Mořinka.
Image courtesy of Jana Schlitzová and Miroslav Tomisek

Britannia shooting location
A large set with footbridges, stalls, carts and boats was ready for filming on the shore of the lake.
Image courtesy of Jana Schlitzová

Where is Britannia set
Also the old quarry of Alkazar and its system of underground tunnels, in the valley of the river Berounka, served as filming location. Image by Sju - Map

Britannia natáčení
A celtic village blended in the woods was recreated near Cesky Brod (east of Prague), at Sembeře River in Doubravčice.
Image courtesy of Sky/Amazon - Map

Where is the show Britannia filmed
The crew was also shooting in the Prachov Rocks area near Hrubá Skála.
Image by Jaroslav Kuba and Petr Hykš

Britannia series filmed Wales
The next few locations are based in Wales. A primitive settlement was built in the cove beneath Nash Point in South Wales.
Image by Archangel12 - Map

Britannia setting
This scene from the trailer was filmed at Rhossili Bay, a fabulous sandy beach in Swansea.
Image by Visit Swansea Bay- Map

Britannia drehort
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