Where is The Handmaid's Tale filmed?

In a dystopian future, the world has become a very polluted place at the point that most of women are infertile. The social unrest led to the emergence of a new totalitarian regime, that rose in a territory that used to be part of the United States. A Christian puritan dictatorship was established and all the remaining fertile women are now under state control, to serve wealthy families.

This new Hulu series are based on the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood. The cast is headed by Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) as the Handmaid, and Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) as the powerful elite Commander.

The Handmaid's Tale was basically filmed around Toronto, in Canada. We don't include spoilers in this article, that will be improved and corrected as we find out more about the show:

The Handmaid's Tale Locations
The Republic of Gilead was filmed at the sets and soundstages of Cinespace Film Studios in Toronto.
Image courtesy of Hulu

The Handmaid's Tale Filming Locations
In the series we can recognize many landmarks of Toronto, like the City Hall.
Image courtesy of Hulu and Google Maps

The Handmaid's Tale Toronto
The Ritz-Carlton and the CBC building at Wellington St W, featured in a scene from the first episode.
Image courtesy of Hulu and Google Maps

Where was The Handmaid's Tale filmed
The subway Lower Bay Station was also used as a filming location by Suicide squad last year.
Image courtesy of Hulu and Joey Schwartz

Where is The Handmaid's Tale shot
Good times at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in downtown Toronto.
Image courtesy of Hulu

Where does The Handmaid's Tale take place
The production was also filming at the Old Mill Bridge over Humber River in Etienne Brule Park.
Image courtesy of Hulu

Where is The Handmaid's Tale set
Lots of extras took the streets in the center of Cambridge (Ontario) to shot a riot scene.
Image courtesy of Hulu and Google Maps

The Handmaid's Tale shooting locations
The area used for filming in Cambridge was from Main Street bridge to Melville Str, near the presbyterian church.
Image by Google Maps

Where is The Handmaid's Tale being shot
Also in Cambridge, the Mill Race Park is the area next to the river where the handmaids go for a walk.
Image by Google Maps

Where is The Handmaid's Tale being filmed
The Commander's house is in a corner at Bay S and Aberdeen Street, in Hamilton.
Image courtesy of Hulu and Google Maps

Where did they filmed The Handmaid's Tale
Some ceremonial scenes were shot at Coronation Park in Oakville. Also a night scene with a funfair was filmed at Brick by Brick Park in Oshawa.

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  1. The scene pictured was shot at Coronation Park in Oakville:

    And the exteriors for the Commander's house are shot in Hamilton, at Bay and Aberdeen:


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