Wellsbury, Massachusetts: Ginny and Georgia? The house & all the Filming Locations

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Now back for the second season, the Netflix series is a coming-of-age high-school comedy-drama about a mother and a daughter starting a new life in a beautiful New England town.

The show is set in the fictional city of Wellsbury, Massachusetts, but Ginny and Georgia was filmed in Toronto and Cobourg, Ontario (Canada).

Ginny and Georgia location

The cast is headed by Antonia Gentry as the 15-year-old Ginny Miller. Her free-spirited 30-year-old mother Georgia Miller is played by Brianne Howey, who also appeared in The CW's Batwoman and Fox's The Passage TV series.

Atlas of Wonders has exclusive information about the filming locations of Ginny and Georgia. Welcome to Wellsbury and to the best guide to the locations of the series that you can find.

Wellsbury, Massachusetts

Wellsbury Massachusetts
“We are like the Gilmore Girls, but with bigger boobs” - Georgina, her daughter Ginny, and her son Austin leave Texas behind for a fresh start in Wellsbury.

The gas station of the first episode is the EZ Lube Automobile Service located in Scarborough, just outside of Toronto.
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The Ginny and Georgia House

Ginny and Georgia house
The peculiar family arrives at its new magnificent home in Wellsbury. The results of our sleuthing revealed that the house is located at 46 Baby Point Crescent in the Parkdale-High Park district in York, Toronto.

This is a private residence, off-market, and not for sale. If you are visiting, please be considerate to the owners of the property.
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The house in Wellsbury
Built in 1928 in Colonial Revival style, the house is nestled within the picturesque and exclusive Baby Point neighborhood.

Built mostly in the 1920s and 1930s, Baby Point homes are among the prettiest in Toronto.

The area is surrounded by ravine and parkland, overlooking the Humber River.

Marcus and Ellen home
Marcus and Ellen's home (played by Felix Mallard and Jennifer Robertson respectively) is located across the street at number 45.

This two-and-a-half-story English cottage was built in 1923 in the Tudor Revival style.
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Wellsbury High School
Wellsbury High School is located in the Rustic neighborhood of Toronto.

Now in disuse, the Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute was a secondary school facility from 1966 to 2016.

The yellow sculpture was added to the grounds of the school just for the show.
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Ginny and Georgia city
A lot of locations of the town of Wellsbury were filmed in and around the Victoria Hall in downtown Cobourg, doubling as the town hall.

Cobourg is a lovely town bordering Lake Ontario, about 60 miles (96 kilometers) east of Toronto.

The building is a grandiose concert hall built in 1856, also hosting an art gallery and an old courtroom now used as the Council chamber.
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Blue Farm Café
Several local outlets, including Globalnews.ca and Toronto.com, reported on the filming locations in Cobourg.

The iconic Blue Farm Café owned by local farmer Joe (played by Raymond Ablack) is El Camino, aka The El, located at 74 King Street West.

This is a Spanish restaurant, so we are not sure if you will find the outrageous hummus on its menu.
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Bankler school elementary
The GWL Realty (Cynthia's office) and the Green Gardens are located across the street from the Blue Farm Café.

The crew modified several storefronts and replaced Canadian flags and mailboxes with American ones for the series.

The Bank of Montreal at 62 King Street doubled as Wellsbury Savings and Loan from the ninth episode.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Office / Bank

Audrey In Town Fashion
Both the "Pretty Woman" moment and the shop from the second episode were filmed at Audrey's In Town Fashion women's clothing store at 19 King Street West.
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Cobourg Lawn Bowling Club
Georgia takes her kids to the bowling club where Mayor Paul Randolph (played by Scott Porter) “happens to be there”.

This scene was filmed at the Cobourg Lawn Bowling Club in Victoria Park.
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Old Mill Bridge Toronto
At the end of episode seven, Ginny's father Zion (played by Nathan Mitchell) comes to town riding his motorcycle over the Old Mill Bridge in Etienne Brule Park in Toronto.

This location was also featured in the 9th episode of the first season of The Handmaid's Tale.
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Ginny & Georgia drehort
The Mayoral election party was recorded using real fireworks at the Victoria Park Bandshell, also in Cobourg.

IMDb reported that the studio work was done at TriBro Studios in Toronto.
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Latkes Are Lit
At the beginning of the fifth episode of the second season, "Latkes Are Lit", Ginny runs through a snowy park.

This scene was filmed at Victoria Park located near the blue Lions-Lioness pavilion and Cobourg Beach.
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Faneuil Hall shopping mall
In the sixth episode, "A Very Merry Ginny and Georgia Christmas Special", there is an establishing shot of the famous Faneuil Hall shopping mall in Downtown Boston.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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The elementary school (inside) looks like Kensington Community School on College Street in Toronto.

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Would you happen to know which apartment building is Zions “bachelor” pad?

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