Kasselton, New Jersey: Where was Shelter filmed? The House and all the Locations

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Based on the 2011 book of the same name by crime novelist Harlan Coben, Shelter was filmed entirely in New Jersey.

Set in the fictional town of Kasselton, the series follows the story of Mickey Bolitar (played by Jaden Michael), a teenager who becomes entangled in a web of secrets and danger after his father's tragic death.

Spoon, Mickey and Ema in Shelter

Several of Harlan Coben's books have been adapted into series for Netflix, including Safe (2018), The Stranger, The Woods (both 2020), The Innocent, and Gone for Good (2021).

Welcome to Kasselton and our spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of Harlan Coben's Shelter. We will be updating and expanding this spoiler-free report every week as new locations are revealed.

Where was Harlan Coben's Shelter filmed?

Sixth Street Viaduct LA
The pilot episode features an establishing shot of the new Sixth Street Viaduct in Downtown Los Angeles.
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Shelter Location
However, the car crash in Los Angeles was also filmed in New Jersey, at Columbus Drive and Warren Street.

As you can see in the image, the US Bank Tower skyscraper was CGI'd into the scene.
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Yantacaw Brook Road
Mickey's neighborhood is in Montclair, NJ.

The sequence where he walks down the street and looks at the Bat Lady's house, as well as several other scenes (including one with the green Lamborghini), were shot on Club and Yantacaw Brook Roads.
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The Harlan Coben's Shelter House

Harlan Coben's Shelter House
The creepy Bat Lady's house on Hobart Avenue is actually the Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center.

Built in 1895, this historic estate surrounded by four acres of gardens serves as a vibrant cultural hub, hosting a wide range of events and exhibitions.
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The Kasselton, New Jersey, town

Kasselton High School
The Livingston High School doubles as the Kasselton High School.

Author Harlan Coben was born in Newark, but grew up here in Livingston.
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Kasselton NJ
The scenes in the halls, library, gymnasium, track and football field were filmed at Livingston High School.

But executive producer and director Edward Ornelas said in an interview with the local press that part of the school's interior was a set built at 10 Basin Studios in Kearny, including this round window hall.
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Americana Diner in West Orange
Mickey had a date with Ashley (played by Samantha Bugliaro) at the Americana Diner in West Orange.

Located at 270 Main Street, this restaurant has a nice 50's vintage look.
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Water's Soul
Standing nearly 80 feet tall, the Water's Soul is a sculpture by Jaume Plensa that sits in a great spot on the Hudson River to enjoy the New York skyline.

The 2022 Netflix series Stay Close, also based on a story by Harlan Coben, featured another similar monument by the same Catalan artist, located in England.
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Kasselton New Jersey
The Little Falls Town Hall served as the Kasselton Police Station.

The local police department is also housed in this beautiful complex.
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Catch Me If U Can
The hospital in the second episode, "Catch Me If U Can", was filmed at the CareWell Health Medical Center in East Orange.
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Loyola Jesuit Center in Morristown
Mickey's mother, Kitty Bolitar (played by Narci Regina), resides in a psychiatric center filmed at the Loyola Jesuit Center in Morristown.

Set amidst lush natural surroundings, the real-life the center offers retreats, workshops, and programs rooted in religious spirituality.
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Great Falls in Paterson
The second episode also features the Great Falls in Paterson.

This breathtaking natural wonder is a designated National Historical Park, that played a significant role in the industrial development of the region during the 19th century.
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Hoboken Terminal NJ
In the third episode, "The Dirt Locker", there is a scene at Hoboken Terminal in New Jersey.

Renowned for its iconic Beaux-Arts architecture, this gorgeous historic transportation hub offers train, ferry, and bus services for commuters traveling to and from Manhattan.
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Sterling Hill Mining Museum
The underground tunnel at the end of the third episode Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg.

Built on the grounds of a former zinc mine, the museum features guided tours that lead visitors through underground tunnels, showcasing geological formations, minerals, and mining equipment.
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Phantom Threads
In the fourth episode, "Phantom Threads", there is a scene filmed near the Lincoln Highway Bridge in New Jersey.

This is one of the locations where A Murder at the End of the World was filmed.
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See Me Feel Me Touch Me Heal Me
Angelica Wyatt's lavish mansion in the fifth episode, "See Me Feel Me Touch Me Heal Me," is located in Alpine, an extremely wealthy area that is home to many celebrities and businessmen.
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Pier A Park
The park overlooking Manhattan is the Pier A Park in Hoboken.
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Anthony David’s restaurant
The empty bar is also located in Hoboken, the Anthony David's restaurant at 953 Bloomfield Street.
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First Congregational Church in Montclair
The memorial service in the sixth episode, "Candy's Room", is the First Congregational Church in Montclair.

The floor of the temple features a labyrinth, modeled after the one in Chartes Cathedral in France.
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Elco Crane
The last scene of the episode and the first of the seventh one, "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This", were filmed at the site of the Elco (Electric Launch Company) PT Crane site in New Jersey.
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