Where was Dungeons & Dragons filmed? Guide to all the Locations

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Based on the iconic role-playing game this hilarious, action-packed epic adventure is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year.

The new Dungeons & Dragons movie was primarily filmed in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Iceland.

Dungeons & Dragons cast

Since its inception in the 1970s, the D&D universe has captured the imaginations of millions of players worldwide, inspiring countless books, movies, and the famous 80s animated series.

The all-star cast includes Hugh Grant, Star Trek's Chris Pine, Fast & Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez, Sophia Lillis from the It films, Justice Smith, and charming Bridgerton's Rege-Jean Page.

Welcome to the Forgotten Realms and our guide to all the filming locations of Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

Dungeons & Dragons Locations

Foley's Bridge
At the beginning of the movie, Edgin Darvis tells his story to the court members at the prison where he is sentenced together with barbarian Holga Kilgore.

In one of the flashback scenes, Foley's Bridge appears, an 18th-century structure located at Tollymore Forest Park in County Down, Northern Ireland.
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  Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Dungeons and Dragons castle
When the bard goes on to narrate his good deeds as a member of the Harpers, there is another scene filmed at the Barbican Gate to Glenarm Castle in County Antrim.

Built in 1825, this gate lodge has been turned into a holiday accommodation that you can book for a romantic hideaway for about US$225 per night.
Image courtesy of Beth - Map

Glenarm Castle
The robbery scene where sorcerer Simon Aumar and rogue Forge Fitzwilliam are introduced was filmed at Glenarm Castle.

Located in County Antrim, Glenarm is considered one of Northern Ireland's oldest estates.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Tracey Adams - Map

Korinn stronghold
The Korinn stronghold is the DĂșn Briste Sea Stack in County Mayo, a layered tower of rock rising off the western coast of Ireland.

The interior was obviously filmed on a sound stage at the studios in Belfast.
Image courtesy of Schnoogg - Map

For the sequence of Edgin and Holga crossing snowy landscapes, the film crew recorded several establishing shots in southern Iceland.

According to the local press, none of the main actors traveled to the country.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Fagradalsfjall volcano
Director John Francis Daley said in an interview that they were in Iceland at the time when the Fagradalsfjall volcano was erupting in March of 2021.

Although it may look like the lava field was CGI'd into the scene, the filmmakers used this opportunity to shoot with the characters riding horses with the real volcano as a backdrop.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

 Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter city
A large set was built on a lot at Titanic Studios in Belfast to film the streets and the square outside the arena of Neverwinter.

You can still see the layout of the Neverwinter set in Google Maps, next to the studios!
Image courtesy of Paramount and Google Maps

Wells Cathedral cloister
The scene where Edgin and Holga wait outside to meet Kira was filmed at the spectacular Wells Cathedral cloister in England.

The palace hall where they meet Forge is the main nave of this stunning Gothic building.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures - Map

Themberchaud Underdark
The execution spot where the gang meets the Tiefling druid Doric transformed into a brutal owlbear, is the Bourne Wood in Farnham, Surrey.

This scenic woodland is a very popular filming location that has appeared in hundreds of movies, television series, and music videos including Gladiator, Wonder Woman, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and The Witcher.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

Alnwick Castle Lion Bridge
The scene where the Red Wizard of Thay, Dralas, comes in a boat to meet Sofina was filmed at the Alnwick Castle Lion Bridge in England.

The seat of the Duke of Northumberland is known for its impressive architecture, extensive gardens, and long history dating back to the 11th century.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Jaimie Wilson - Map

The Evermoors
On their way to the Evermoors graveyard, the group passes by this rocky hill filmed at Hen Mountain near Newry in County Down, Ulster.

As you can see, the rock stacks were added using digital effects.
Image courtesy of Paramount and Still Burning - Map

Longsaddle, the town of Marlamin the halfling was filmed at the Hidden Village of Galboly in Northern Ireland.

This small rural settlement nestled into the Antrim Coast hills is known for its stunning views and traditional thatched-roof cottages.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

Szass Tam
Tracking the Helmet of Disjunction, the gang finds imperturbable paladin Xenk Yandar.

The renowned hero was serving the needy at the Castle Ward shores near the village of Strangford, in County Down. The stone arc was added via CGI.

This location served as the Winterfell Castle in HBO's hit series Game of Thrones.
Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

Dolblunde ruins
The sequence taking place at the underground hanging city of Dolblunde was filmed at the studios.

The beach was filmed near Ballintoy Harbor in Northern Ireland, at the spot where the dramatic Elephant rock is located.
Image courtesy of Eric Jones - Map

Neverwinter arena
Back to Neverwinter, some of the scenes during Forge's Games, including the gate where Edgin sings, were also filmed at Alnwick Castle.
Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Clementp - Map

Wells Cathedral staircase
The white staircase where Edgin is chased by the soldiers is located at the Wells Cathedral chapter house.

The arena and the final boss sequence were filmed at the studios.
Image courtesy of HBO - Map

Dungeons & Dragons drehorte
Neverwinter's harbor was filmed at Carrickfergus Castle in Northern Ireland.

This well-preserved stronghold was built in the 12th century, making it one of the best examples of Norman architecture in Ireland.

Some aerial takes with the boat were filmed at Lough Neagh, also in Ulster.
Image courtesy of Paramount and Damian Entwistle - Maps: Castle / Lake

Chapter House Wells Cathedral
Lord Neverember's chamber was filmed at the dazzling Chapter House at Wells Cathedral.

This 13th-century wonder is an octagonal room with a ribbed vault supported on a central column.
Image courtesy of Diliff

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I absolutely love this movie. Thank you for making it! The locations, the amazing actors, and the special visual effects were to the moon. Love you all!

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My mother wanted to know where this movie was filmed. Thanks!

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I was just at some of these locations in NI last week - I recognized Galboly immediately, but others slipped my attention!


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