Where was Prey filmed? Guide to All the Filming Locations

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Combining gorgeous filming locations and an eerie atmosphere, this science-fiction western updates the Predator franchise which began with Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1987 horror action movie.

Prey was filmed in the wilderness of Alberta, Canada, 99% of it outdoors and 1% or less on a soundstage.

Where was Prey filmed

This spin-off is set 300 years before the first Predator movie, in an 18th-century Comanche nation located somewhere in the Northern Great Plains.

Amber Midthunder, who starred in the Legion series, plays a young, skilled hunter and warrior named Naru. She and her stubborn brother, Taabe (Dakota Beavers), will have to fight against an alien armed with advanced, technological weaponry.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Prey, ordered by the first appearance.

Prey Locations

Prey location
The establishing shots were filmed at Kananaskis Country, an area of parks and reserves in the Canadian Rockies situated west of Calgary.

Prey shares some filming locations with the 2016 oscar-winning film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant.
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Stoney Nakoda Nation
The movie started production in 2021 on the Stoney Nakoda Nation ancestral land, an Indian reserve surrounded by the beautiful landscapes around the Bow River.

Director Dan Trachtenberg's team was very careful trying to reproduce the Comanche culture in Naru and Taabe's tribe, working closely with advisors of this nation. There is also a Comanche-language dub version of the film.
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Comanche Prey movie
Cinematographer Jeff Cutter said in an interview for Slashfilm that the movie was filmed in an ultra-naturalistic way, using as much natural light as possible.

Prey drehorte
Some of the alpine scenes were filmed at Moose Mountain in Kananaskis Country.

This popular hiking destination in the Canadian Rockies also hosted top productions including Brokeback Mountain and the Tin Star series.
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Prey Predator river
The scene on the canyon river rapids after the bear attack was filmed on the Siffleur River below the falls, in the Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve.

This beautiful area can be visited following the Siffleur Falls hike.
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Flintlock Predator pistol 1715
The scorched-looking trees sequence was filmed in a 250 by 250 feet (62,500 square feet) area built by the film crew.

The filmmakers used giant smoke machines, in a set situated in a forest about 45 minutes outside of Calgary.

Prey waterfall
This waterfall pictured is located at the top of Elbow Falls Provincial Recreation Area in Bragg Creek.

Prey is the seventh installment in the Predator franchise, the latest after The Predator was released in 2018.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios - Map

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1- Jeff Reisman - Aug 31, 2022, 8:42 PM
I believe the rapids scene after the bear attack was filmed on the Siffleur River below the falls, in the Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve. It's located in the next valley to the Northeast of Mistaya Canyon. Here is a shot I found on Google Maps looking upstream towards the section of river in your screen capture above.

   2- Ra Moon - Sep 11, 2022, 20:42 PM
   Thank you Jeff, updated!


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