Is Lavania a Real Country? Where was The Royal Treatment filmed?

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You may be wondering if the wonderful Kingdom of Lavania featured in this fairy tale story exists.

Although part of the movie is partially set in New York City, The Royal Treatment was entirely filmed in New Zealand, Lord of the Landscapes.

The Royal Treatment Lavania

The story revolves around a New York hairdresser who meets a charming prince from an exotic country, living in a jaw-dropping castle.

The film stars American actress and singer Laura Marano (The Perfect Date, A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish) as Isabelle and Mena Massoud, known for playing Aladdin in the 2019 Disney movie, as Prince Thomas.

Welcome to Lavania and our spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of The Royal Treatment.

Where is Lavania, is it a real country?

Although it sounds a bit like Latvia, Lithuania, or Albania, the land where the cheesy royal family lives is a made-up country, like fictional nations Aldovia and Penglia from The Royal Wedding Netflix movie series.

The stunning landscapes of the Otago Peninsula on New Zealand's South Island served as the perfect backdrop for the Kingdom of Lavania. Pictured on the right, the rock formations on Allans Beach.

What else do we know about this country that hundreds of years ago was on the trade route to India? Its national dance, the bumba, and the flag that seems to be inspired by that of Kazakhstan.
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The locations in New York

The Royal Treatment city
Let's start from the beginning: The scenes in New York were recorded on Vogel Street in Dunedin Central.

Dunedin is a nice, small city with many beautiful Victorian and Edwardian period buildings with dramatic natural surroundings.

The town is a bit away from the top tourist areas of New Zealand because of its location on the South Island’s southeast coast.
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Bellissime Beauty Salon
The exterior of the Bellissime Beauty Salon, the "best freakin' hair salon in New York", is also located here at 57 Vogel Street, in a store called Extreme Hobbies.

However, it seems that the salon’s interior was built on a set at Miller Creative Studios in Dunedin.

The scene where Isabelle and Thomas are walking at night with Walter (Cameron Rhodes) following them in the limousine was also filmed on this street.
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LaMott Hotel
The 5-star boutique hotel Fable Dunedin served as the LaMott Hotel where the royals are hosted in New York.

Built in 1862, this gorgeous hotel features 50 luxurious guest rooms and suites and the elegant cafe-style restaurant The Press Club.
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The Royal Treatment house
According to The Spinoff, the suite with a staircase and with views to Central Park was filmed at Camp Estate, a country house on the Otago Peninsula, part of the Larnach Castle complex.
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The Royal Treatment Castle

The Royal Treatment Castle
Larnach Castle doubled as the royal residence of Lavania. This is considered New Zealand's only castle!

Completed in 1874, this Gothic Revival grand estate is open for tours, weddings, events, and accommodation.
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Larnach Castle
Nestled in the beautiful Otago Peninsula on the outskirts of Dunedin, Larnach Castle is surrounded by magnificent award-winning gardens.

The splendid verandahs were made using 12 tons of imported glass from Venice.

The family who owns the property since 1967 has been restoring this unique landmark over the years.

Olveston Historic Home
However, the local newspaper Otago Daily Times, revealed that the interior scenes of the palace were filmed in the Olveston Historic Home at 42 Royal Terrace in North Dunedin.

The hall (pictured) and the dining room were recorded at this well-preserved manor, built by merchant and philanthropist David Theomin.

Erected in the early 1900s, the property is like a time capsule, as little has changed since it was opened as a house museum in 1967.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Is Lavania real
The scene pictured, when Isabelle goes for a stroll through the streets of Lavania was filmed at the Marama Hall in the University of Otago Clocktower complex.

Founded in 1869, the iconic group of buildings of Dunedin's public university is an impressive Gothic-revival style campus.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Uber de Gleise
The street party at the Uber de Gleise neighborhood (across the train tracks) was filmed on Harbour Street in the lovely Oamaru’s Victorian warehouse precinct.

A 135-strong crew and extras took over Harbour Street and Tyne Street in this historic area featuring many 19th-century buildings constructed in local white limestone.

The Uber de Gleise school is the Grainstore Gallery, also located on Harbour Street.

This location was also featured recently in the acclaimed movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst, The Power of the Dog.
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The Royal Treatment drehorte
The horse scene at Isabelle's apartment in New York with the exterior staircase was filmed on Voguel street in Dunedin near the Queens Garden, with some skyscrapers CGI'd into the background.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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