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Without making a lot of noise, the first John Wick film became a semi-cult movie, well-received by the public and critics alike.

On top of the charisma of the badass kill-em' all hitman, the legendary Continental Hotel is a character too, full of secrets and rooms that we explore in every new installment.

Keanu Reeves symphony of violence

John Wick was filmed in New York, although a very short scene was also shot in Los Angeles.

The success of this introductory symphony of violence turned the blockbuster into a franchise, expanding the saga beyond the boundaries of Keanu Reeves' character: Chapter 4 is set for release in March 2023, and two new spin-offs are in the pipeline: the film Ballerina and the TV series The Continental.

Symphony of violence

Released in 2014, the location report of the film was already covered by other outlets and websites, although with many key locations missing.

So here is the Atlas of Wonders team to bring you the ultimate guide to the John Wick: Chapter 1 filming locations.

In addition, you can find all the information about John Wick's Continental Hotel through all the movies by following this link, and here are our comprehensive reports of Chapter 2, Chapter 3 - Parabellum, and Chapter 4.

Where was John Wick filmed
The scene with John and his wife in New York was filmed at Schaefer Landing, a small park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The bridge in the background is the Williamsburg Bridge across the East River connecting with the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The last scene of the movie was also recorded here.

Have you noticed that the brief flashback in the restaurant is the only scene where John smiles in the Wick movies?
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John Wick Cemetery
According to IMDb, the funeral scene was recorded at Calvary Cemetery in Maspeth and Woodside, Queens.

Established in 1848, this historical burial ground features cinematographic views of New York's skyline.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate - Map

John Wick House
John Wick's house is a high-end glass villa located at 121 Mill Neck in Long Island, NY.

Built in 1971, this 7,251 square feet single-family house on a five-acre site has six bedrooms, spectacular water views, and an estimated market value of about four million dollars.
Image by courtesy of Lionsgate - Map

Ford Mustang Boss 429
The gas station where Iosef Tarasov insists on buying the Ford Mustang Boss 429 is the Gulf Gas Station at the corner of Route 9W and Christian Herald Road in Nyack, Rockland County.

Iosef is played by Alfie Allen, known for his role as Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones.
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John Wick hangar
Newsday reported that the sequence where John is venting his rage by driving through an airport’s runways with cool vintage hangars was filmed at John Republic Airport in Farmingdale, Long Island.

Opened in 1927 as a flying field, many TV and film productions are shot in this facility every year.
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Aurelio Garage
The exterior of Aurelio's Garage (John Leguizamo) was filmed at Pine Non Ferrous, a scrap metal dealer located at 3440 Laurel Hill Boulevard in Flushing, Queens.

The location doesn't look the same as in the movie since the new Kosciuszko Bridge, which opened in April 2017, replaced the old 1939 bridge.

This spot is right next to York Studios, the headquarters of the movie.
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ModernHaus SoHo
The capo of the Tarasov syndicate and Iosef's father, Viggo, is played by Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist.

The rooftop scene with the pool at the Tarasov's tower was filmed at ModernHaus SoHo, previously known as The James New York Hotel, at 27 Grand Street.
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Maritime Exchange Building
The exterior of the Tarasov's lair is the Maritime Exchange Building, an imposing 36-story skyscraper at 80 Broad Street in the Financial District of NYC.

Completed in 1931, this Art Deco-style office building features four distinctive sea horses above the main entrance.
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The John Wick Continental Hotel

John Wick Continental
After driving through Manhattan Bridge, John arrives at the legendary Continental Hotel, appearing for the first time in the whole saga.

The exterior of the underworld institution is the flatiron-shaped Beaver Building in Manhattan.

In the real world, if you visited the building before 2020, instead of Charon, the concierge (played by Lance Reddick), you'd have found the Japanese restaurant Haru Sushi.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate - Map

John Wick Hotel
However, the interior lobby with vaulted ceilings was actually filmed at the Great Hall of the Cunard Building.

Located at 25 Broadway in the Financial District, the facade and the vestibule were designated as a New York City Landmark in 1995.
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The Continental Hotel Club
The location of The Continental's basement club was quite hard to find, as in the movie there is not a single full shot of the venue.

Our sleuthing revealed that this scene was filmed at the ballroom and dining room of the magnificent Hotel Wolcott, located a 3-min walk from the Empire State Building at 4 W 31st Street.

Designed in 1904, this section of this glamorous landmark, that has seen so many celebrities, remains unrestored.

Unfortunately, at the moment the historical rooms of the Wolcott, are not in service anymore, as the hotel direction is waiting for better times to reopen.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate and Google Maps

The Red Circle nightclub
The grand facade of the Surrogate's Courthouse doubled as the exterior of the Red Circle club, where Viggo has Iosef under guard.

Completed in 1907, this Beaux-Arts style historical landmark with opulent interior halls occupies an entire city block.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate and Timessquare 42 - Map

Edison Ballroom
The Red Circle interior was filmed at the Edison Ballroom adjacent to the Edison Hotel, located at West 47th Street, in the heart of Times Square.

This elegant Art-deco event space of the 1930s reopened in 2008 after being restored to preserve its original style.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate and Google Maps

AIRE Ancient Baths New York
The private area with several pools, where Iosef is having fun awaiting his destiny with a bunch of acolytes, is located somewhere else.

Atlas of Wonders has tracked down the location of this awesome spot: the AIRE Ancient Baths is a luxury spa hosted in a former 1883 textile factory in the Tribeca neighborhood.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate - Map

Little Russia church
As some local media reported, the interior scene at the Orthodox temple in Little Russia was filmed at St. Francis Xavier Church, located at 225 6th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
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John Wick church
However, someone decided that the facade of this neo-gothic building was not good enough to make it to the final cut.

The exterior shot with John standing in front of the church was filmed very far away from New York, at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church at 3300 Wilshire Boulevard in Koreatown, Los Angeles.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate and Google Maps

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat
But there is still a third location for the Russian temple: The sequence where John is waiting for Viggo and his henchmen to arrive was filmed at the old Williamsburgh Savings Bank at 175 Broadway.

This impressive neoclassical building, which opened in 1875, was designed like a temple to finance.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate - Map

Williamsburg Bridge
The scene pictured was filmed nearby under the Williamsburg Bridge on Wythe Avenue.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate - Map

Brooklyn Navy Yard
Iosef's safe house is located in a warehouse at Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The sniper is on guard duty in one of the harbor's cranes. The warehouse is the Agger Fish Building.

The twin chimneys in the background are from the shipyard's cogeneration plant.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate - Map

Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn
John and Marcus (played by Willem Dafoe) meet under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn at Main Street Park.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate - Map

Marcus house
According to IMDb, Marcus' house is located at 160 E 83rd Street, on Upper East Side.
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Wo wir John Wick gedreht
Ms. Perkins (played by Adrianne Palicki) meets Winston (Ian McShane) and his men at the famous Minton Tiles at Bethesda Terrace Arcade in Central Park.
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John Wick drehort
The final boss car chase and fight was filmed at the Dry Dock 6 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Established in 1801, this waterfront complex is an ex-shipbuilding facility that was used until 1966.

Today, this industrial area has been redeveloped as a 'center of urban manufacturing', hosting offices and hip cafes.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate - Map

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