Where was Only Murders in the Building filmed? The Goosebury Theater & The Arconia

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Don't all true crime podcasters wish they were on the case from the start? Now back for the third season, this whodunit comedy series revolves around three neighbors who listen to the same true-crime podcast, All is not ok in OK, brought together by the alleged murder of a fellow tenant.

Only Murders in the Building is set in a fictional pre-war luxury apartment building, The Arconia, filmed in an amalgam of various locations in New York.

Selena Gomez Steve Martin and Martin Short

The Hulu series stars Steve Martin as former actor Charles-Haden Savage, Martin Short as broke Broadway director Oliver Putnam, and Selena Gomez as Mabel Mora, the mysterious young girl who claims to be renovating the expensive apartment of her aunt.

Welcome to The Arconia and our almost spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Only Murders in the Building.

Only Murders in the Building house
After the introductory scene, the story begins two months earlier near Central Park, with the new super-tall and skinny 'pencil towers' of the 'Billionaires Row' rising on the horizon.

Savage meets his unfriendly neighbor after passing the crosswalk at West 74th Street. Then he meets the couple that recognizes him from the television show Brazzos at The Dakota apartment building at 1 W 72nd Street.

The Dakota is considered to be haunted; also, this is the place where John Lennon was murdered in 1980. Coincidence? I don't think so.
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The Arconia Building

The Arconia Building
The building used as the exterior of The Arconia is located more than 10 blocks away from there, at 225 W 86th Street.

Built in 1908, The Belnord is an elegant Italian Renaissance-style 13-story complex, listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a New York landmark.
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Only Murders in the Building Arconia
The Belnord is one of the few buildings in the city occupying a full block.

The scenes showing the large inner courtyard with the fountain and the ornate gates were all filmed here on location.

The Arconia building interior hall
According to Untapped Cities, the interior scenes, including the lobby (that served as Tim Kono's funeral hall) and the roof, were filmed in an edifice with views of the Hudson River at 270 Riverside Drive also in the Upper West Side.

This is a recently renovated condominium set in a building dating from 1910 which has preserved the historical ambiance.
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All is not ok in OK podcast in Chickasha
Architectural Digest reports that production designer Curt Beech was inspired by the few buildings left in New York taking up an entire city block, like The Belnord or The Ansonia to create the interior homes of the starring trio.

The apartments and especially the living room reflect the past life and personality of each character. The series was produced at the Silvercup Studios.

The Goosebury Theater

Only Murders in the Building theater
The Goosebury Theater where Putnam makes his peculiar cast in episode three, "How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?", is the fabulous United Palace Theater at 4140 Broadway in Washington Heights, Manhattan.

Opened in 1930 as a deluxe movie theatre, the former Loew's 175th Street Theater was purchased in 1969 by an evangelistic church association that restored this old beauty for all kinds of functions.
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The Goosebury Theater
Later on, at the end of this episode, Sting himself sings "Don't Stand So Close to Me" a cappella in this gorgeous theater.

This stylish location also served as the fictional Russian Tarkovsky Theater in Keanu Reeves' John Wick 3.
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Tie Dye Guy
In episode five, "Twist", Charles and Oliver chase Mabel and Oscar (played by Aaron Dominguez) into a Sunoco service station at 112-10 Beach Channel Drive in Rockaway Park.

The little shop is a fishing store called Tom's Bait and Tackle. Oliver's yellow vintage car is a French Peugeot 304.
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Surf Shop Tattoo Studio
The exterior of the Surf Shop Tattoo Studio in Bayport, Long Island, was filmed in Lola Star's Rockaway.

This gift shop is located at 174 Beach 116th Street in Rockaway Park, near one of the locations where Leave the World Behind was filmed.
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Stuyvesant Energy Corporation
In the eighth episode, "Fan Fiction", Theo Dimas (played by James Caverly) takes Mabel and Oliver to the Stuyvesant Energy Corporation complex in Port Morris in the Bronx.
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All Is Not OK in Oklahoma
In the same episode, the trio meets Detective Williams (Da'Vine Joy Randolph) at the East River side of the New York Expo Center, also located in the Bronx.
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Open and Shut
The venue where Jan (Amy Ryan) has to perform Stravinsky's The Firebird bassoon solo is the Alice Tully Hall at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in Upper West Side in Manhattan.
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Mystery of the Whale Tattoo
The Hardy Boys were originally two fictional characters of a series of novels for teenagers. In the books, the brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy, have adventures resolving cases as amateur sleuths.

Created by Edward Stratemeyer, the first novel was published in 1927, although the series was written by several ghostwriters.

Released in 1968, in Mystery of the Whale Tattoo the Hardy Boys try to unravel the mystery of pickpockets at a traveling fair. They discover that each one of the thieves has a whale tattoo.

Only Murders in the Building drehorte
The Long Island City Courthouse doubles as the New York Police Department in the first episode of season two, "Persons of Interest".
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