Where was The Suicide Squad filmed? The House & La Gatita Amable Filming Location

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The new 2021 The Suicide Squad movie is not Suicide Squad 2, because it's not a sequel. Director James Gunn wanted to make something new, without contradicting the previous film or Birds of Prey, but still sharing the same universe and some of the actors featured in these stories.

Most of the movie takes place in the fictional South American island nation of Corto Maltese. However, The Suicide Squad was primarily filmed in Panama and at Trilith Studios in Atlanta.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

James Gunn (the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie series) had the chance to direct the movie, described as a '1970s war movie action comedy', without the studios interfering with his new vision of the supervillain team.

Margot Robbie leads the returning cast as Harley Quinn along with Joel Kinnaman as Col. Rick Flag and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. Idris Elba plays mercenary Bloodsport, John Cena portrays Peacemaker, the 'douchebag Captain America', and Daniela Melchior is Ratcatcher 2. The supporting cast includes Sylvester Stallone as the voice of King Shark.

Welcome to Corto Maltese and our guide to the filming locations of The Suicide Squad.

The Corto Maltese Island

The Suicide Squad beach
After reuniting Task Force X in Louisiana's Belle Reve prison (beautiful dream in French), the team is sent to Corto Maltese.

The filmmakers couldn't find the right beach for the crazy landing sequence, so the entire spot was built in a backlot at Pinewood Atlanta Studios, now known as Trilith Studios.
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Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Corto Maltese Island
Also, the tropical jungle set occupied 40,000 square feet and took 17 weeks to complete.

The movie features the biggest sets ever built for a Warner Bros. film.

Jotunheim Suicide Squad
The Jotunheim laboratory was partially built in a massive set the size of three football fields. The lab’s gate was extended digitally via CGI.

Our colleagues at RadioTimes reported that most of the movie was produced at the studios in Atlanta, using a total of 250,000 square feet of space including both interior and exterior sets.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

The Suicide Squad house
But also, many scenes in the Valle del Mar streets (the capital of Corto Maltese) were filmed on location in Panama.

The Corto Maltesean Government Palace House was filmed at Palacio Municipal de Panamá, located in Panama City's Old Town Cathedral Square.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. - Map

Corto Maltese Palace House
However, the magnificent interior rooms of Silvio Luna's house were all built in the studios. The cast and crew filmed in Panama for a month.

Gunn shot The Suicide Squad using as much practical VFX as he could instead of CGI, unlike the production of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Suicide Squad city
The rundown streets of the exterior of La Gatita Amable and the final sequences with Starro the Conqueror were filmed in Colón, the seaport city in the north near the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal.

According to the local press, The Suicide Squad was filmed between streets 5 and 10 of Amador Guerrero's Avenue. 'Panadería La Sabrosa', one of the buildings (digitally) demolished in the movie, is actually called Panadería Colón.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. - Map

La Gatita Amable

La Gatita Amable
Gaius Grieves, The Thinker, is the creepy geneticist in charge of Project Starfish who likes to hang out at La Gatita Amable (The Friendly Kitty).

The interior of this gentlemen's club was filmed at Atlanta's Clermont Lounge, a real adult entertainment club opened in 1965, located in the Virginia Highland neighborhood.

The kitschy Clermont Lounge is entirely run by women, and it's considered the longest continually operating strip club in the city.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. - Map

The Suicide Squad drehorte
Puerto Rico and Portugal also appear as filming locations in the film’s credits.

The production recorded establishing shots in Porto for the short scene with Cleo's father (played by Taika Waititi). The bell tower is the famous Clerigos Church (pictured).
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. - Map

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1- Anonymous - August 8, 2021 at 6:38 PM
The location in Portugal was Porto, not Lisbon. That scene in then, when they are on top of a tower - the tower is called Torre dos Clérigos. The other earlier scene, they are crossing one of the bridges over the Douro River, also in Porto.

   2- Anonymous - August 27, 2021 at 3:15 PM
   Was it near mount Tibidabo? :)

3- Jemmy - August 9, 2021 at 9:04 PM
Also, Old San Juan, possibly El Morro area for some scenes in Puerto Rico.


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