Where was Resort to Love filmed? The Hotel Resort Mer de Saphir Filming Location

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It is no mystery that Resort to Love was filmed on the wondrous island of Mauritius, the exotic country in East Africa known for its gecko-rich beaches, gorgeous lagoons, and Jolly Rancher-blue reefs.

But, where is the alluring Mer de Saphir resort? The fancy spot where New Yorker Erica Wilson ends up, working as a wedding singer, is one of the top luxury resorts located in this remote part of the world.

Resort to Love Resort

American actress and singer Christina Milian (Grandfathered, The Oath) plays broken-hearted Erica. By a stroke of bad luck, her ex-fiancé Jason (Jay Pharoah) is getting married at the very same resort where she is taking a gig.

The main cast is completed by Sinqua Walls as the handsome spontaneous guy on the beach.

This romantic comedy is an excellent opportunity to explore the wonders of Mauritius, looking at the Resort to Love filming locations.

The Resort to Love Hotel Resort

Mer de Saphir
Constance Prince Maurice doubled as the Mer de Saphir resort. This swanky 5-star luxury hideaway is located on the serene northeastern coast, near the Poste de Flacq village in Belle Mare.
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Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Resort to Love Hotel
The oceanfront complex is set on 60 hectares of land. It boasts a private shoreline of a splendid sun-kissed white sand beach with a pier, an infinity pool, a spa, a wellness center, two golf courses, and a floating restaurant, Le Barachois.

Constance Prince Maurice
Some suites are perched on stilts over the water. Constance Prince Maurice has a total of 89 accommodation options including 76 junior and family suites, plus 13 villas.

The hotel hall
You can book your stay in paradise for about US$400 per night. The rooms are built in a traditional design using thatched roofs with a fully equipped en-suite bathroom with marble.
Image courtesy of Vaughan McShane

The Princely Villa
The bride, played by Christiani Pitts, is staying at the lavish Princely Villa, a 3,700 square foot area set right on the beachfront with views of the lagoon and ocean.

The villa includes three bedrooms, a private pool, and is available starting at about US$3,000 per night.

Resort to Love Mauritius
According to local press, even the scenes set in New York were filmed on the island, using some streets in the capital city, Port Louis.

The cast and crew were on holiday shooting from October to December 2020.

Le Morne Brabant
The movie shows establishing shots of some of the island's stunning landscapes, including the iconic Le Morne Brabant peninsula, an UNESCO World Heritage site.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Underwater waterfall Mauritius
The impressive 'underwater waterfall' located near Le Morne (on the left), is just an optical illusion caused by the cascading sand.

You can only see this famous spot from a helicopter ride or through your drone's camera.
Image courtesy of Pietro Lambert - Map

Chamarel waterfalls
The spectacular 272-feet tall Chamarel Waterfalls also appear briefly in the film.

Mauritius is quite small, the island has an extension similar to Orange County in California, or half of New York state’s Long Island.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Vallée des Couleurs suspension bridge
The suspension bridge scene was filmed in the beautiful Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park in southern Mauritius.

If you are one of the lucky ones visiting this tropical jungle, after crossing the 1150-foot long (350 meters) Nepalese bridge, you can also boost your adrenaline at the 1640-foot (500m) zip line.

This hiking area is situated near Chamarel Seven Colored Earth Geopark, a famous scenic landscape formed by several colorful layers of volcanic ash.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Mer de Saphir hotel
The superb soul and reggae local band Jason Heerah and Otentik Groove are featured in a couple of songs of the movie's soundtrack.

The Indian Ocean nation has a generous film tax incentive program to attract international productions - Serenity, the 2019 thriller movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, was also entirely filmed in Mauritius.
Image courtesy of Vaughan McShane

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The movie was filmed in my home country, and best of all, I have worked at Le Prince Maurice at the very start of my working career. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. I got to meet many celebrities!

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