The Halston Series in Versailles, Paris, and All the Filming Locations

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The new Netflix biopic series Halston tells the story of a forgotten icon who revolutionized the fashion world in the 1970s. Roy Halston Frowick was a glamorous and influential designer, a close friend of celebrities like Liza Minnelli or Andy Warhol, and a regular at mythical Studio 54.

Halston was filmed in and around New York (where the show is set), including the scenes taking place in Paris and Versailles. The series features great cinematography, an interesting soundtrack, and beautiful filming locations.


Scottish actor Ewan McGregor portrays the renowned fashion designer. The cast also includes Krysta Rodriguez as Liza Minnelli, David Pittu as illustrator Joe Eula, Rebecca Dayan as the Halstonette Italian model Elsa Peretti, and Gian Franco Rodriguez as Victor Hugo.

Welcome to our (almost) spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Halston:

Where was Halston filmed?

Bergdorf Goodman
Halston was born in Iowa and grew up in Evansville, Indiana. He moved to New York in 1957 and started working at the 5th avenue clothing store Bergdorf Goodman.

Renovated in 2016, the series filmed all the interior scenes on location in the original store.

This is one of the locations where the Inventing Anna series, set at the 12 George Hotel, was filmed.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
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Bow Bridge Central Park
New York City's Central Park is featured in several scenes. The scenic Bow Bridge, built in 1862, appears in a scene with Eleanor Lambert (played by Kelly Bishop) in the first episode, "Becoming Halston".

The Bethesda Terrace and Fountain appears in the third episode, "The Sweet Smell of Success".
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Park Lane Hotel
Halston meets David Mahoney (Bill Pullman) at the elegant Park Lane Hotel at 36 Central Park S.

The scene was filmed at the second-floor restaurant of this luxury 46-story hotel overlooking Central Park.
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Halston goes to Paris and Versailles

Halston in Paris
According to Untapped Cities, the airport in the French capital from episode two, "Versailles", was filmed at the central branch of Brooklyn Public Library's hall at Grand Army Plaza.

This section of the 352,000 square foot complex was built in the 1930s in the Art Deco style.
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Halston VersaillesBattle of Versailles Fashion Show
The historic Battle of Versailles Fashion Show was held in 1973 to raise money for the restoration of the Palace of Versailles.

The first idea of the filmmakers was to go to Paris to film there in the real place, but due to budget restrictions, the production stayed in the country.

The beautiful but decaying palace was filmed at the W. B. Thompson Mansion in Yonkers, the Alder Manor. The exterior period fittings were added in post-production with some CGI to Frenchify the facade.

The legendary show pitted French designers (Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Emanuel Ungaro, Marc Bohan, and Hubert de Givenchy) against American designers (Halston, Oscar de la Renta, Stephen Burrows, Bill Blass, and Anne Klein). The American delegation was the highlight of the gala, making history.
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Halston Manor House
The interior was also filmed at Alder Manor, but some decorations, like the geometrical patterns in the marble walls, were added digitally.

Built in 1912, this historic estate with a large garden and views of the Hudson River and Palisades is available to rent for shoots and events.

Halston in Versailles
The opulent opera house in Versailles was filmed at Loew’s Jersey Theatre at 54 Journal Square Plaza in Jersey City.

Established in 1929, this movie palace theater was restored to its former glory in 1996. This neo-Baroque/Rococo style landmark was also featured as a location in the Joker movie.
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Olympic Tower
Halston's headquarters were located at the Olympic Tower at 641 Fifth Avenue, with views to the neo-Gothic spires of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

However, production designer Mark Ricker told to Curved that the interior was built on Stage 10 at Brooklyn at Broadway Stages.

The task was quite complicated because of all of the mirrors. "Every photograph [of Halston’s red office] was like you were looking into a kaleidoscope", said Ricker.
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Olympic Tower set Halston series
The crew had to re-create Manhattan's 1970s skyline, taking shoots in every direction. They had to add the Pan Am building (now blocked by newer skyscrapers), the Twin Towers, and delete the Trump Tower.

However, the spires of St. Patrick’s Cathedral were too close, so to get a real 3-D effect, they had to be inserted on the footage digitally, so when the camera moved, they moved in relation to each other.

Halston house
Halston’s real townhouse, located at 101 East 63rd Street, was designed by modernist architect Paul Rudolph. The house was sold for $18 Million in 2019 and was available as an event space.

But in the end, the series couldn't film there and the interior set of the living room was recreated in a house that one of the scouts found in the Red Hook neighborhood.

The set was not a replica, but rather an interpretation of the house.
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Liza Minnelli wedding church
Liza Minnelli's wedding church is the lovely Sisters of the Divine Compassion Good Counsel Chapel in White Plains, NY.
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Studio 54 nightclub
The series was about to film at the real Studio 54, located at 254 West 54th Street. However, they lost that opportunity when the pandemic hit because all theaters were shuttered down.

So in the end, the interior was filmed at Hammerstein Ballroom at 311 W 34th Street. The film crew recreated all the original elements like the lobby, the gold bar, and the DJ booth.

During its peak years (1977–1979), entering the club without invitation was a really hard task, due to the strict door policy. Radio Times dug into the story of the woman that dies trying to get into the iconic nightclub.

The scene is inspired by a true story that Studio 54 associate Baird Jones told in an interview with Rolling Stone. They found a guy stuck in the vent trying to get in, in black-tie attire, smelling like a cat had died.
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Montauk property
Also, the production couldn't film in the original Montauk home as the new owners were selling it at the time of the shoot.

The seaside fishing compound with five guest cottages was filmed on the Sound area in Locust Valley (Long Island), deleting Connecticut with digital effects.

This location is close to the house in the fictional town of Point Comfort, NY, where the movie Leave the World Behind was filmed.
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