Where was Mortal Kombat filmed? Guide to ALL the 2021 Filming Locations: The City and the House

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Based on the characters of the 90s computer game franchise of the same name, Mortal Kombat was entirely filmed in Australia.

The movie made extensive use of studio sets and CGI but also features really cool -and original- filming locations in and around the city of Adelaide.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao

The film stars Lewis Tan (Into the Badlands, Deadpool 2) as MMA fighter Cole Young, but the supporting actors are the great highlight of the blockbuster.

Hiroyuki Sanada (The Last Samurai, Westworld) plays Hanzo Hasashi. Martial artist Joe Taslim (The Swordsman, Fast and Furious 6) is the ice master Sub-Zero. The main cast is completed by Josh Lawson as Kano, Jessica McNamee as Sonya Blade, and Mehcad Brooks as Jax.

The fate of Earthrealm is in the hands of a bunch of warriors with a distinctive dragon mark. The new Mortal Kombat movie delivers epic fight scenes, sickening violent fatalities, and awesome, remote locations:

Mortal Kombat House
The movie opens with a sequence taking place in 17th-century Japan.

The Hanzo Hasashi compound in 1617 was filmed at Mount Crawford's pine forest.

This beautiful forest reserve is located just one hour's drive from the city of Adelaide, near the township of Williamstown.
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Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Cole Young fight
Atlas of Wonders has tracked down the location of Cole's gym in Chicago. 9 News Adelaide reported that the production required more than 700 extras working on the film.

This crowd of people only appears in the combat in the cage ring at the beginning of the movie.

This scene was filmed inside the large brick warehouse at 20-30 Crozier Street in Port Adelaide.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Four-armed Goro
Soul-eating sorcerer Shang Tsung (played by Chin Han) dispatches his warriors to Earth from a gloomy, barren land.

The otherworldly landscape of Outworld is in Leigh Creek, a coal mine town located in the middle of nowhere.

Distances in Australia are insane: You have to drive almost 6 hours from Adelaide to get there, and you're not even halfway to the northern border of the state of South Australia.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

The Outworld
The throne was created via CGI, but the pink lake is real, situated at the bottom of the mine's main pit.

The open-cut mine ceased operations in 2015 as the exploitation had become uneconomic.

Mortal Kombat filming locations
The Oliver's Hamburgers spot in Chicago was set in the former Brock Street Café in the old warehouse area of Port Adelaide.

The restaurant is located across the street from the gym, as reported by the local press.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Google Maps

Port Adelaide warehouse
Jax's car makes many turns, but he's just going around the warehouse on Crozier Street (the gym), pictured on the right.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Google Maps

Mortal Kombat City
However, the solitary alley where Sub-Zero awaits them is located in downtown Adelaide.

According to the City Council website, the production filmed for three days (and nights) in Gawler Place and Fisher Place in the Rundle Mall area.

The interior of The Gallerie building was the setting for the fight scene.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Sonya Blade hideout
Sonya Blade's home in Gary, Indiana, was filmed in one of the boatyards in Garden Island, just outside Adelaide.

The set was built on the grounds of the Small Boat Club of S.A.

The twin towers of the Torrens Island Power Station in the background are a hard-to-miss landmark.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Raiden's Temple
After finishing Reptile, Sonya, Cole, and Kano travel to Raiden's Temple. They will try to unlock their arcana training with Liu Kang and Kung Lao.

The arid moonlike landscape made up of orange, white, and red colors is the Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park.

Also known as The Breakaways, this off-the-beaten-path scenic park is home to the Antakirinja Matuntjara Yankunytjatjara aboriginal people.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Mortal Kombat Temple
The exterior entrance to Lord Raiden's Temple was filmed near The Breakaways, in the Coober Pedy underground mining town.

Inhabited by less than 1,700 souls, Coober Pedy is considered the opal capital of the world. Pictured, one of the massive tunnels of the opal mines.

The town was once covered by the ocean and when the water receded, opalized molluscs from the seabed created colorful gem-quality opals in the terrain.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

Mortal Kombat Drehorte
As you can imagine, the rest of the temple is a CGI creation combined with studio sets built at the South Australian Film Corporation’s Adelaide Studios in Glenside.

Director Simon McQuiod told the press that the crew tried to shoot in-camera as much as possible, – so it’s not superheroes in costumes running around in a parking lot in Atlanta with a huge green screen behind them.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures - Map

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