Tenet Filming Locations Guide: The Spectacular House and City in Italy

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Tenet was filmed across seven different countries: Estonia, Denmark, India, the United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, and the United States during 2019. The action scenes in this globetrotting epic movie got very real because they are real: everything was done in camera - the film contains no green screens and there are very little visual effects. The inversion sequences were filmed twice: one time moving forward, and a second take with the actors doing everything backward.

Tenet is like a classic spy movie with a science-fiction twist, based on the idea of reversing the flow of time by manipulating the entropy of the elements. The movie plays with time and reality in the wake of director Christopher Nolan's previous movies Memento (2000) and Inception (2010).

If you want to know everything there is to know about Tenet filming locations, look no further.

Where was Tenet filmed?

The Opera House scene in Tallinn
The opening scene in the Ukrainian National Opera House in Kiev was filmed in an old Soviet-era amphitheater in Tallinn (Estonia). The Tallinna Linnahall concert hall, built for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics, was closed in 2010. The building was neglected and covered with graffiti waiting for renovation until the film crew rebuilt and repaired large sections of the structure for filming.
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Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Floating wind turbines and vessel
The wind turbine scene was filmed in the Danish offshore Nysted Wind Farm. Also known as Rødsand, this was the world's largest of its type until 2007. Built in 2003, the 72 turbines of the wind field are arranged in a perfectly aligned grid. Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Locations in India
Some scenes in India were recorded at Cafe Mondegar, located in a corner of the popular Colaba Causeway in Mumbai. The Protagonist meets Neil in the Royal Bombay Yacht Club (pictured above), near the iconic Gateway Of India arch-monument. They infiltrate the tower of an arms dealer called Priya (Bollywood actress Dimple Kapadia), a 23-story building in Grant Road. Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Maps: Cafe / Club

Cannon Hall in London
In London, the Protagonist meets Michael Caine in the National Liberal Club. This is a private members' club in Westminster, located in Whitehall Place near the Houses of Parliament. The Cannon Hall is not the headquarters of the crazy Cannonball road race society, but the school of Kat and Andrei's son. The exterior was filmed in this 1720 historic house in Hampstead.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Maps: Whitehall Court / Cannon Hall

Tenet restaurant
The Italian restaurant where Protagonist meets Kat is the Locanda Locatelli in Marylebone (London).
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Filming in Oslo
In Norway, the scene pictured above was filmed in the roof of the modern Oslo Opera House, covered with white Italian marble from Carrara. Pictured below, Neil and the Protagonist make plans in a square located in the Tjuvholmen peninsula, near the center of the city. However, the scenes set in the Oslo freeport were filmed back in Tallinn at the Kumu Art Museum, home of the Art Museum of Estonia. Later on in the movie, there is a scene with the Protagonist and Priya talking in the old Maarjamäe park, a Soviet War Memorial.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Maps: Opera House / Tjuvholmen / Kumu / Maarjamäe

Norskfreight plane
The producers decided that the best way to crash a 747 on a hangar was to buy a real 747 and crash it for real, instead of using CGI or miniatures and mock-ups. When location scouting, the team discovered the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville (San Bernardino County, California) that has an aircraft 'boneyard' with the capacity to store over 500 old planes retired from service. This working airport was previously featured in several movies including Oceans 11 (2001), The Hulk (2003), and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2005).
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Tenet house
The Sator house in Italy with a spectacular balcony overlooking the ocean is Villa Cimbrone, located on the gorgeous town perched on the cliffs of Ravello. This famous belvedere known as Terrazzo dell'lnfinito appeared in Wonder Woman doubling as Themyscira Island. The dinner was filmed in the exclusive Belmond Hotel Caruso restaurant, also featuring jaw-dropping views of the Amalfi Coast landscape.
Image courtesy of Adrian Scottow - Maps: Villa / Hotel

Tenet city
The charming town of Amalfi served as the background scenery for the sequence on the boat. At the top of a staircase, the 11th century Duomo di Amalfi cathedral is one of the highlights when visiting the Amalfi Coast. The yacht used for filming is the luxurious 240 feet long (73-meter) Planet Nine, featuring six decks, jacuzzi, and its own helicopter landing pad. Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Tenet Filming Locations
The car-chase sequence required closing an eight-kilometer freeway in the center of Tallinn, the Laagna Road. The entire sequence took three weeks to complete and involved hundreds of extras and stuntmen driving on cars moving both forward and in reverse. Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

Tenet drehort
The final battle in the Soviet closed city Stalk-12 was fimed 80 miles east of Palm Springs (California). The filmmakers built a huge set from scratch in the desert to recreate the location where the pieces of the algorithm are stored.

The cast is led by John David Washington as a CIA agent called the Protagonist, Robert Pattinson as Neil, Kenneth Branagh as the Russian oligarch Andrei Sator, Elizabeth Debicki as his estranged wife, Kat, and Michael Caine makes a cameo as a British Intelligence officer.

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  5. Heads up: The sailing scene in the middle of the film, where the Protagonist, Kat, and Sator race on catamarans, is actually filmed off the coast of Cowes in the Isle of Wight. Cowes doubled for Amalfi since SailGP, the yacht racing league that provided the hydrofoiling boats, couldn’t move to Italy in the middle of their first season. The blue and white catamarans used in the film are SailGP’s USA and Japan F50s. SailGP’s seasons are worldwide events, so you can see them in action wherever there’s a regatta on. Thanks for the article! :)


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