Where was Work It filmed? The Real Work It City and High School

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Once more, Toronto and its surroundings are doubling for an unspecified American town in North Carolina, where the new Netflix comedy Work It is set.

Singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter plays Quinn, a brilliant but clumsy high school student who is determined to learn to dance in order to be admitted to Duke University.

The Cast with Sabrina Carpenter

To make it possible, professional dancer Jake (Jordan Fisher) and her best friend Jasmine (Liza Koshy) will help Quinn to ensemble a new dance team in the school to rival Julliard's Thunderbirds (Keiynan Lonsdale).

Here is our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Work It.

The University of Toronto filmed on location
Work It is set in North Carolina: When Quinn has her interview in Duke University in Durham she's actually visiting the iconic University College located in the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by licking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Work it High School
Where is the Woodbright High School? Most of the secondary school was filmed in the Humber College Lakeshore Campus.

As the name suggests, the college is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, west of Toronto, and is part of the prestigious Humber Institute of Technology also known as Humber College.

This location has been used multiple times in TV and film, including top productions like Locke and Key, The Handmaid's Tale, and What We Do in the Shadows.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Jeff Hitchcock - Map

Work It city
The Underpass Park is a living art studio located in an unused space beneath a series of overpasses, reconnecting the north and south parts of the West Don Lands neighborhood.

The pillars of the structure serve as the perfect canvas for the graffiti that decorates the walls of this unusual urban park.

There is also a short scene with some guys dancing with crutches at Eighth Street Skate Park near Humber College.

The city featured in Work It is clearly Toronto; There is also a short scene where Quinn and Jake walk near The Water Guardian blue sculpture in Canary District.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Viv Lynch - Map

The retirement house
The Nursing home is the Heintzman House (or Sunnyside Manor), a venue for weddings, events, and parties in Thornhill-Markham.

Built in 1817, the house was saved from demolition to make room for a high-rise apartment in 1959 thanks to a campaign launched by the residents in the area.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Work It drehort
The furniture store where Charlie works (Drew Ray Tanner), is the G.H. Johnson's Trading Company showroom at 950 Dupont Street in Dovercourt Park, Toronto.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Dance competition venue
The Work It Dance Competition at the end of the movie was held in the Hammerson Hall of the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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  1. The retirement home is actually the Heintzman House in Thornhill, Ontario. My husband and I had our wedding there. It’s one of Ontario’s oldest mansions and has a lot of interesting history.

  2. The neighborhood she lives in is little Italy in Toronto, there are also some scenes that look like Grafitti Alley.

  3. The dance crew that Quinn takes Jake to is Eighth St Skatepark, about a block away from Humber College's filming location

  4. Saw the end dance scene where they’re all in the hall and immediately was like there’s no way that’s the LAC in Mississauga cause I’ve performed their

    1. We are 100% positive that this is the LAC main hall.

  5. Their High school in the movie is where I go to college and the place where they held the dance competition is where I had my high school graduation ceremony


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