Where Was Casino Royale Filmed? Guide to ALL the Filming Locations: The Hotel and the House

Daniel Craig and Eva Green
Daniel Craig’s introduction into the world of James Bond features locations which span from the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas to the iconic streets of Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic. Casino Royale takes viewers on an adventure around the world as only Bond movies do.

French actress and model Eva Green (Penny Dreadful, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children) played the Bond girl Vesper Lynd. Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre, Judi Dench as M, the head of MI6, M, Jeffrey Wright as CIA agent Felix Leiter and Giancarlo Giannini as René Mathis completed the main cast. Here are the locations where the filming of Casino Royale took place.

Casino Royale Hotel
A lot of Casino Royale was filmed in the Czech Republic, although, for the most part, it was pretending to be somewhere else. There was no filming in Montenegro itself (a very country with a small railroad network). The Mill Colonnade in Karlovy Vary is the train station where Bond arrives with Vesper. Karlovy Vary features as the Casino town, with Grandhotel Pupp doubling as Hotel Splendide and the casino, Kaiserbad Spa, just opposite. If you want to channel your inner Bond from the comfort of your home, you can play some iconic casino classics at Australian Online Casinos. There was also a driving scene filmed in the street between the two locations. Near Karlovy Vary is Loket, which is also in Bohemia. Loket is a quaint village where Mathis and Bond meet.
Image courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Map

The Casino Royale Hotel

National Museum in Prague
But that's not all. The hotel in Venice was filmed in the lobby of the National Museum in Prague. The Miami airport scene takes place in Prague International Airport, and the British government hub is in the library of Strahov Monastery. The scenes at Body Worlds in Miami were also shot in Prague with the interior at the Vitkov Monument and exterior at the Ministry of Transport. Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Albany The Bahamas
The opening scenes in a construction site in Madagascar were shot in Bahamas. The Bahamas was also the filming location for scenes that took place in New Providence itself. On the south shore of the island is Albany House, where Bond meets with Solange. There is also a run-in with Dimitrios filmed in the One & Only Club, out on Paradise Island. Image courtesy of MGM - Map

The Casino Royale House

Villa del Balbianello
There were multiple scenes from Casino Royale filmed on Lake Como in northern Italy. After his torture from Le Chiffre, Bond spends time recovering at the exclusive Villa del Balbianello. The final scene where Bond finds Mr. White was shot in Villa la Gaeta. There are also scenes in Venice at both the Piazza San Marco and all along the Canal Grande. The house that collapses sits across from the Rialto Mercato, though the actual collapse itself was filmed in the studio. The scene when Bond finds out that Vespers has betrayed him was recorded in the alley Sotoportego del Cavalletto. Image courtesy of MGM - Map

Casino Royale drehort
There were very few scenes shot in the United Kingdom. The Dunsfold Aerodrome doubled as Miami Airport and Black Park as the jungle camp in Uganda. There was no actual filming in Montenegro, Madagascar, the United States, or Uganda.


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