Top Film Scholarships for Talented Students

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Your Hollywood dream might disappear forever if you do not have the necessary qualifications. To get in the congested business of film you have to prove your worth and having the necessary qualifications will do just that.

It does not matter whether you would like to be on or behind the camera, film courses can be quite expensive and hard to access without financial assistance. To bypass that problem, getting a scholarship can incredibly help you. Here are the best film scholarships for talented students.

CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship

The CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship offers financial assistance to students aspiring to be in the film industry and other creative sectors. It is intended to help African American
students that would like to pursue a career in visual arts which comprises a variety of sectors. They include filmmaking and photography which are vital skills for the film industry.

For the scholarship, apply by sending a resume with a picture of yourself and two letters of recommendation. You are also required to send in samples of your work so they can start considering the application. The prerequisites are that you should have a major in studies related to visual arts and at least a 2.5 GPA.

Now, that might sound like a tough ask and you might have to compromise on other studies you have taken up.

Women in Film Scholarship Program

Women in Film Scholarship Program has many different scholarships under them and offers them exclusively to female candidates. The scholarships they have are generally
area-specific or cater to candidates of one particular school. When applying, ensure that you are aware of the area or school that is eligible for that financial aid.

The details are outlined on their website for each scholarship they are offering. Their mandate is breaking women into the film industry and they do all they can to support them. The value of their scholarships varies and is not set to a specific amount. Students can get into this program if they are undergraduate or graduate students studying film or directing studies.

Frank Capra Jr. Film Studies

Frank Capra Jr. Film Studies is a scholarship offered at only one college in the country that offers an exclusive opportunity to students. That college is University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) and offers financial assistance to eligible students. The total value of this scholarship is $1,000 but not anyone can have access to it easily.

There are specific requirements that each student has to meet to get a shot at this scholarship. The most important requirement is that you should already be a full-time student at UNCW with a minimum of 18 hours in Film Studies. You should also have a 3.2 GPA in all your studies and a 3.5 GPA in Film Studies courses.

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The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Scholarships

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Scholarships (NATAS) helps minority students aspiring to have a career in filmmaking.

It is aimed at making this industry more inclusive and provides you with different opportunities in a variety of categories. If you are interested and would like to pursue a career in filmmaking, this scholarship will help reach those goals.

The value of this scholarship is $10,000 and sponsors studies in a variety of sectors. You can visit their site to get a full list of these studies they sponsor but they have to be related to electronic media and television.

There are different other scholarships related to this one like the Douglas W. Mummert, Jim McKay Memorial and the Randy Falco Scholarship. As mentioned earlier, learn to use online resources when you are busy with other important things in life. Smart work can really make your student life easy.

Support Creativity Scholarship

Support Creativity Scholarship caters to aspirant creative students applying for colleges around New York. The scholarship offers $1,000 and additional support to students helping them reach their potential in a variety of industries and trades related to filmmaking.

If you are keen on pursuing a career in digital media, broadcasting, filmmaking and even animation, this scholarship may help. To get this scholarship, you should submit one of your projects in the above mentioned sectors and alongside, an essay is required. The essay should outline why you are the best candidate for this scholarship and it should also explain the project being submitted. The areas this scholarship is valid in include New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Final thoughts

Pursuing a career in visual arts is a great ambition and you should follow your passion. These scholarships give you the means to do so by equipping students with the financial resources they need. Some of them cater to a specific minority group, while others do not and have a generalized audience. Apply for these scholarships to take hold of your future and pursue a career in the film industry.

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