Traveling and binge-watching tips: How to enjoy TV while staying in a hotel

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When you’re on vacation and staying in a hotel, several amenities exist to help you feel comfortable and have a pleasant stay. One of these includes a TV in your room, which you likely know isn’t always the easiest to navigate and hear!

Watching a movie or enjoying a TV show is a great way to pass the free time before you fall asleep, if inclement weather occurs, or if you’d just like some downtime during your trip. Regardless of the reason, there’s nothing wrong with watching some relaxing television on vacation!

That said, you need to be able to hear the TV without blasting the volume. This can quickly irritate your neighbors and ruin their night.

Fortunately, there’s a great alternative that makes listening to the TV extremely simple without cranking it up for everyone on the floor to hear. We’ll explain more about this below so that you can start privately enjoying television or that online vid during your vacations!

Hotel TV sound is tricky

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel before, then you likely know how finicky the TV in the room can be. Not only is it slow to change the channel and figure out what you want to watch, but the volume and audio quality is often atrocious.

Should you want to hear what’s being said, you might need to significantly crank up the volume. Unfortunately, this typically means that your next-door neighbor will also hear your TV.

This is something that you certainly want to avoid because you can receive a complaint and/or an angry neighbor banging on your door. Chances are, you just want to relax when you’re watching TV and this is a quick way of ruining that.

Nonetheless, it’s still difficult to enjoy television if you can’t properly hear what’s being said. However, your enjoyment shouldn’t come at the cost of someone else’s. What you need is an enhanced sound that only you can hear.

TV ears can privately increase volume

This is possible if you use something like TV Ears. If you’ve never heard of them before, TV Ears are a listening assistance device that allows you to hear the sounds coming out of the TV.

They consist of a transmitter that directly connects to a TV and a receiver/headphone combo that plugs into your ears. This means that you can hear the television and adjust the volume without needing the sound to come out of the TV itself.

With this in mind, you can make sure that the TV audio is at a listenable level without disturbing your next-door neighbor. All of the sounds will be coming from your earbuds, so your neighbor will have no idea that you’re even watching television in the first place.

Another thing to keep in mind is that TV Ears work particularly well for people who have difficulties with hearing. The device is designed to amplify the frequencies that those who struggle with hearing aren’t able to hear.

What style works best?

There are three different styles of TV Ears and they all work well. However, how they connect is what differs them and this is important when it comes to using them in a hotel.

You aren’t likely to haul around a TV Ears speaker system, so it comes down to choosing between the TV Ears Original and the TV Ears Digital. Overall, the digital model is a slightly better choice, but you need to consider the fact that most hotel TVs won’t have digital outputs.

The style of TV Ears you’ll want to use will be determined by what audio outputs the hotel TV uses. Most hotel televisions are fairly outdated, which means that they’re likely to use either RCA audio ports or a 3.5mm plug.

If you’re wanting to connect via RCA or 3.5mm, then the TV Ears Original is the cheapest option here. This will fit most standard hotel TVs that use analog technology.

Alternatively, if you know that your hotel is fancier and is equipped with a digital output, then you’ll want the TV Ears Digital. This is the best choice all around because it can also use RCA or 3.5mm outputs, meaning that you can’t go wrong with it if you’re willing to pay the difference.

Closing thoughts

There’s a way for you to enjoy watching TV in a hotel without disturbing your neighbors. You can use TV Ears to hear what’s going on without the guests staying in the room next to you also hearing it.

TV Ears are a private way of watching television. Rather than listening to sound output through TV speakers, you’ll listen through headphones on the device. This allows you to adjust the volume and enjoy a show without disturbing anyone else.

You should decide between either the TV Ears Original or the TV Ears Digital. Both are a good option, but the digital model is a slightly better choice and gives you the option of using digital functionality should your hotel television have an output for it.

With TV Ears, you’ll never feel limited by volume and you’ll easily immerse yourself in what’s on TV!


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