The Rental Movie House: Where was The Rental Filmed?

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A pair of couples book an expensive getaway home perched upon the Pacific Northwest ocean coast in Oregon.

The perfect weekend in a house surrounded by gorgeous nature turns out a nightmare when they find out that someone may be spying on them and well-kept secrets are exposed.

Where was The Rental Filmed

The Rental is the first feature directed by Dave Franco (The Disaster Artist, Now You See Me), the husband of Alison Brie, who stars in the film as Michelle.

The cast also includes Dan Stevens as Charlie (Beauty and the Beast, Legion), Sheila Vand as Mina (Snowpiercer, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night), and Jeremy Allen White as Josh (After Everything, Shameless).

The Rental House
Almost all the action is set in the house, which essentially becomes another character in the story. The interior scenes were also filmed here on location.

The Rental house is located on the top of a solitary cliff between the southern base of Cape Arago and the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, north of Bandon (Coos Bay).
Images by courtesy of IFC Films - Map

SeaWinds Estate
The magnificent SeaWinds Estate is an iconic oceanfront property, now available to the public as a private wedding venue or to enjoy after a day of golf at the Bandon Dunes.

The four-bedroom estate home boasts 5,600 square feet and a private beach.

Seven Devils State beach
The beautiful filming location of the long sandy beach looks like the Seven Devils State Recreation Site.

Going a bit more inland you can find the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, a 5,900-acre natural area with several trails featuring beautiful wildflowers, open water channels, wetlands, and forested uplands.

The rental beach
Film director Dave Franco declared to that they were scouting up and down the coast until they found the ideal place located in the middle of nowhere.

He spent the night in one of the bedrooms and the large windows gave him the feeling that someone could be watching him.

The Rental 2020 movie
The movie premiered at the Vineland Drive-In in California and is available to watch on a variety of video on-demand platforms.

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  1. Good article with only a few "obviously doesn't know the area" parts. First, Barview is just a section of Empire which is just another district of Coos Bay. Cape Arago state park area and one can go no further than the Cape Arago park along that road. So if you ask anyone in the area-Bandon, Coos Bay, Charleston or Empire areas, all would likely say to go via Seven Devil's Road-north from Bandon, south from Coos Bay. And by the way, all of this is in Coos County. Tillamook is about 150 miles north. So anyways, no one here calls any part of the beach there Agate or Sacchi. In fact the most well known Agate Beach is in Newport, OR. Most people would know the closest beach section to that property as being the Seven Devil's State Recreation Site. And it's really not that close to the South Slough Estuary. In fact that area is on the East side of Seven Devil's Rd. The property is mostly backed by timber harvest land. If people are only just trying to see the top of the house on Google Maps or something, it's easier to say it's along the cliffs between the Cape Arago State Park and our world famous Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. This is nothing to publish, just local info. :)

    1. Thanks a lot, we updated the post with your lovely local info :]

    2. Great local info, still can't find it, do you happen to know the lat and long of the property?

  2. Oooo real cool. Know it all.


    Here you go

  4. It’s SeaWinds Estate. It can be found on Google Maps and has its own website.


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