Where was I Am Not Okay With This filmed? Guide to ALL the Filming Locations

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I Am Not Okay With This is a Netflix high school series, mixing the coming-of-age experience, superpowers, and pimples.

Sophia Lillis (It, Sharp Objects, Gretel and Hansel) plays Sydney Novak, a boring 17-year-old with temper issues.

Brownsville wall painting with Sophia Lillis

This time the producers decided to do something different with the soundtrack of the series. Besides gathering a collection of somewhat unknown songs and several old hits, the playlist also includes a new rock band called Bloodwitch. The band was totally made up for the series, with songs composed exclusively for I Am Not Okay With This.

Stanley Barber (played by Wyatt Oleff, who was also starring in the It horror movies along with Sophia Lillis), is a big fan of this fake band. Stanley, who seems out of a '90s time machine (his home is a sanctuary of VHS tapes, vinyls, and tacky shirts), is Sydney's neighbor and one of her best friends.

The Bloodwitch Band

Bloodwitch Band album cover and actress dancing
Behind the mysterious Bloodwitch band is actually the English musician Graham Coxon, one of the founders of the popular Britpop rock band Blur. As Cbr.com reports, Graham also wrote the music for The End of the F***ing World series.

The female singer is young actress Tatyana Richaud. The first time that a tune of the band is played is in episode one when Stanley makes Sydney listen to Fly with her headphones on.

Hey Little Girl and Vanilla Skin are featured during the second episode. All the 11 Bloodwitch songs are already available on Amazon.

I Am Not Okay with This also includes an eclectic collection of songs, including Echo and The Bunnymen The Killing Moon (played during the last shocking scenes of the series). We can also listen to Roxette, Roxy Music, Pixies... You can find here the full soundtrack list.

I Am Not Okay With This Brownsville town
The series opens with Sydney walking the streets of the town covered with blood, Carrie movie style.

This time the producers didn't hide the real name of the town where the series is set, which according to Sydney won the 'grand prize to the most polluted air in America'.

In the second episode, there is a scene with a huge mural reading 'Welcome to Brownsville - Population 5,283'. The wall painting is located under the 1914 West Intercounty Bridge on Water Street.

Brownsville, Pennsylvania, is situated on the banks of Monongahela River, 40 miles south of Pittsburgh, the city where Mindhunter was filmed.

The town used to be an important industrial and railroad center before it began to decline as a result of the restructuring of these sectors by the 1970s.
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Image courtesy of Netflix - Mural Map

Fiddle's Restaurant
You can also have lunch at the restaurant where Sydney's mom works as a bartender. The Fiddle's Diner is a real eatery located next to the Brownsville mural at 101 Bridge Street.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Secondary school building with Stanley car
The art deco building of the Westinghouse Memorial High School was shot in the Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter School, located in the Wilmerding suburb, east of Pittsburgh.

This is a public, traditional secondary school, but it's run by artists.

The new Netflix adventure series Outer Banks filming locations are set in South Carolina.
Image courtesy of Netflix - High School Location

Stanley Stan Barber house under the bridge
The Stanley's exterior house location is under the George Westinghouse Bridge at 101 Elder Street in North Versailles (East Pittsburgh).
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Beaver Valley Bowl scene
The bowling alley exterior was filmed in the Beaver Valley Bowl at 25 New York Avenue Rochester.

The building is a local landmark, and it was also used in the Farrelly Brothers 1996 comedy Kingpin and the 2000 movie Wonder boys.

The watchtower top was built in a set and CGI'd into Brownsville's landscape.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

I Am Not Okay with This is inspired by a graphic novel by Charles Forsman, the same author of The End of the F***ing World, and Celebrated Summer comics. The producers of the series are the same team behind Netflix mega-hit Stranger Things.

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