Togo Filming Locations Guide: Where was Togo filmed? The Disney movie location of Nome, Alaska

Togo shooting location
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The new Disney's epic adventure film Togo was filmed in the Canadian Province of Alberta. The movie is based on the true story about the lead sled dog called Togo and his trainer Leonhard Seppala, in a desperate run to delivery serum and save the children of Nome, Alaska from the 1925 Diptheria outbreak.

The serum 700-mile run from Nome to Nenana run was the inspiration behind today’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, running over 1,000 miles from Anchorage to Nome every March. Three-time Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe plays Leonhard. Julianne Nicholson (Boardwalk Empire, Masters of Sex), plays his wife Constance Seppala. All the dogs used in the film are from the Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours pack in Canmore. The trusty and unruly small Siberian husky Togo was played by several dogs called Hugo, Mackey and Diesel. Also a few The Call of the Wild locations were filmed in Canada. The new Harrison Ford movie shares many elements of the plot with Togo.

Togo drehort
Director Ericson Core said that they didn't film on stage a single day. Also the filmmakers didn't use any green screens in Togo: They shot for real in Cochrane area and the surrounding mountains west of Calgary. Also they tried to get all four seasons on camera, shooting from September until the end of winter.
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Togo filming location
Most of Togo was filmed in Fortress Mountain and other areas throughout the Kananaskis Country. This is the same stunning landscape where other productions that stand out for their spectacular cinematography like The Revenant Cold Pursuit or War for the Planet of the Apes were filmed. Image courtesy of Disney - Map

Where was Togo filmed
The scenes in the Togo's town of Nome, Alaska, where filmed in the CL Western Town & Backlot (aka CL Ranch) in Bragg Creek. This film set is a large versatile movie studio featuring 1850's to 1930's buildings, most of them with finished interiors, facing mountains view. The crew built the facade of Nome's landmark St. Joseph's Church (pictured below) in the main street set. Nome is located in the remote southern Seward Peninsula coast, near the Bering Strait. The town was born out of a gold rush. Around 1900, it was the most-populous city in Alaska reaching 12,000 inhabitants. Image courtesy of Disney and Dan Perez - CL Western Town Map / Nome Map

Togo Town location
The CL Ranch includes additional period settings, scattered throughout the surrounding areas. The set pictured called Honeymoon Cabin was used as the Seppala's house. commented that the Canadian Rockies doubled for the four Alaskan Mountain Ranges that Togo and Leonhard's journey crossed: the Seward Peninsula Mountains, the Nulato Hills, the Kuskokwim Mountains, and the Alaska Range.
Image courtesy of Disney and CL Western Town

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