Where was Eli filmed? The House Filming Location of the 2019 Netflix horror movie

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Eli is the new Netflix horror story about a young boy who suffers a rare disease, causing him severe allergic reactions to the outdoors.

This forces him to live like a bubble boy until his parents take him to a secluded house to follow an experimental treatment.

Eli Film Location

The cast is lead by Charlie Shotwell (Captain Fantastic) as Eli, Kelly Reilly (Yellowstone, Britannia) as his mother Rose, Sadie Sink (Stranger Things) as Haley, Lili Taylor (The Conjuring) as Dr. Isabella Horn, and Max Martini (The Order) as the father Paul.

Eli was filmed in Louisiana, and you may be wondering where the infamous house is located. Some readers asked if this haunted mansion is the same location as the one from the hit series The Haunting of Hill House. Here is the answer:

Eli House
The sinister exterior of the Eli house looks like it is made with CGI, and it is. But the creepy manor is inspired by the Old Beauregard Parish Jail in DeRidder (Beauregard Parish).
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Where was Eli filmed
This Gothic Revival structure is an iconic building registered as a historic place. It is known as the Gothic jail and also as the Hanging Jail, after an incident where two men were hanged here in 1928. Erected in 1914, today is sitting vacant.
Image courtesy of DanielCD - Eli Drehort

Eli movie Oak Alley
The oak-shrouded lane blurred by fog, leading up to the property is very Mississippian: it looks like it was filmed in a historic plantation like Evergreen Plantation (pictured), or the Oak Alley Plantation, both located in the outskirts of New Orleans.
Image by Netflix and Alexey Sergeev - Evergreen Plantation Map

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  1. The exterior shot of the entrance drive to the CGI mansion sure looked like the entrance to Oak Alley.

    1. Thanks, we were not sure which oak alley was used for filming.


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