Where was The Nun filmed? The House, the Haunted Abbey, & the Castle

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Based on true stories, the universe of The Conjuring and Annabelle movie series is expanding with this new installment. The events in The Nun take place in 1952, where all it began before the previous films.

The Nun is set in the Abbey of St Carta, although it was filmed in multiple locations across Romania.

The Nun Location

The story focuses on the origins of Valak, the demonic entity who made his first appearance in The Conjuring 2.

The country is promoting tourism with new tax rebate incentives for filming, so producers decided to shoot on location in one of our favorite regions in Europe: the mythical Transylvania.

Welcome to the ultimate spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of The Nun:

The Nun Filming Locations

The Nun Castle
The scenic Corvin Castle, outside the industrial city of Hunedoara, is doubling as the haunted Romanian Abbey.

The castle seems out of a fairy tale and is one of the top good-looking castles in Romania.

The iconic fortress is so popular that featured the cover of the 2013 Lonely Planet guide edition of the country.
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Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Alex Bikfalvi - Google Maps

The Nun Carta Monastery Location
Does The Nun abbey exist? The real Abbey of St Carta (Cârța Monastery), located near Sibiu, is unfortunately mostly in ruins today. However, the old 13th-century Saxon abbey is still a magnificent landmark.

Pictured, a scene filmed in the interior Gothic-Renaissance courtyard of Corvin Castle. The stronghold was selected as one of the Seven Wonders of Romania.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Cristiana Bardeanu

Cemetery funeral scene
The graveyard was built for the occasion at Criș Bethlen Castle near Sighișoara. This location is also very close to Albeşti, the town where Borat was filmed.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and H Laca - Map

The Nun House

The Nun house
The Mogoşoaia Palace, located on the outskirts of Bucharest, is another Romanian landmark featured in The Nun.

The network of tunnels in the old fortress of Mogosoaia Fort (Fortul II Mogoșoaia) served as the corridors and passages of the house in the damned abbey.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Gabriel - Map 1 - Map 2

Vatican palace with cardinals shooting locations
Some rooms of the massive Palace of Parliament in Bucharest were used for the Vatican interiors.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros and Dennis Jarvis - Map

The Nun abbey set drehorte
So, is The Nun abbey real? Castel Film Studios, located near Bucharest, hosted the production.

KFTV.com reported that it is not possible to use a church for filming in Romania, so the chapel in the Abbey of St Carta was built on a soundstage at Castel Film Studios in Bucharest.

Some more interiors were shot in a soundstage, including the tomb room and the scenes filmed using the water tank facility available in the studios.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros - Map

The Romanian mountain range Transylvania
Also, some establishing shots of the stunning Carpathian Mountains were used in the film.

Maybe the fictional Kingdom of Aldovia is not too far from here - the chuch set was also featured in this Netflix movie!

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