Filming Locations Guide: Where was War for the Planet of the Apes filmed?

Where was War for the Planet of the Apes filmed?
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The third chapter of the Planet of the Apes franchise takes place two years after the last movie -Dawn- ended. This time, Caesar and his apes will have to battle the army of the human bloody leader, the Colonel, to decide the fate of the planet.

Under all these layers of visual effects you can find actor Andy Serkis (Gollum from The Hobbit) as Caesar, and Woody Harrelson (The Hunger Games, Zombieland) as the evil Colonel.

War for the Planet of the Apes was filmed basically around Vancouver, in British Columbia and Alberta (Canada). Also some scenes were filmed in Washington state and California. Here is a spoiler-free compilation (only the post, please don't read the comments if you haven't watched the film yet!) of the most relevant sets and filming locations for the movie:

War for the Planet of the Apes Location
The scene on the beach, evoking the end of the 1968 original film Planet of the Apes, was filmed at Long Beach in Vancouver Island. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures and Alexander Danling

Behind the scenes
A huge crew landed on Vancouver island's West coast for several shoots in the area. The movie was filmed around Tofino and Ucluelet towns, including Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, First Nations land and some private properties. Some of the new See series filming locations are also shot in the island, and both projects share the same producers. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures

War for the Planet of the Apes Colonel prison
The production built massive sets, like the Colonel compound and Ape prison, on Triangle Road at South Richmond. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures

War for the Planet of the Apes Fortress
The Tower Rock Armoury set from another point of view. In the movie, this human military base is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains (California). Image courtesy of Sony Pictures

The interior frozzen hotel hall set
The interiors for the snowy abandoned ski lodge were also built in a studio.
Image courtesy of Sony Pictures

Planet of the Apes Hotel
The snowed lodge seems a CGI creation inspired by the The Overlook Hotel from The Shining, the Timberline Lodge in Oregon (pictured below). This building also recalls the hotel in Kehoe, Colorado, featured in the 2019 movie Cold Pursuit. Image by Sony Pictures and Google Maps

Monkeys on horse snowed mountain
Segments of the movie were filmed in the mountains of Kananaskis (probably at Fortress Mountain Resort), one of the locations where The Revenant was filmed. Also it was built a set near the ski resort at Mount Seymour. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures

Tunnels lasers scene
It seems that the passage leading to the hidden-fortress was inspired by the Othello tunnels in Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park. However, the sequence was actually shot in a massive indoor cave set built in Burnaby's studios. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures and Jeroen van Luin

The ape waterfall
According to an interview with producer Dylan Clark, the waterfall is basically a CGI creation, using footage from Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge. Image courtesy of Sony Pictures

Final scene mountain landscape
The end of the movie was filmed at Mount St. Helens and Spirit Lake, in Washington State. Some shots of the desert were filmed in several locations in California. Image by Barry Maas

Planet der Affen Survival drehort
The production made extensive use of keyframe animation technology to film the apes. In this caption, actors are running through the studio, while the software transforms the movement into a virtual world in real time.

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  1. I just returned from watching the film. I recognized many of the various locations throughout the movie.
    I checked out this article to confirm my guesses.
    There are some slight errors that I have corrected below:

    "According to an interview with producer Dylan Clark, the waterfall is basically a CGI creation. Also he says that they shot at Allowen Lake, but it may be a typo as we could not find any place called this way anywhere."
    The correct name of the lake is Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge, BC.
    The inspiration for the ruins of the hotel with the cherry tree in blossom out front is the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta not Kananaskis. They are two different towns.
    It would appear that the forest scenes were shot around the Squamish area.

    1. Thanks a lot, it must be Alouette Lake. The forest scenes look very much like Squamish, but we can't confirm this - they may have been filmed in Vancouver Island.

  2. The article states that a set was built at Mt. Seymour- that's actually Fortress Mountain Resort/KPOW! Cat Skiing in the Canadian Rockies. ;-)

    1. I've skied Fortress when it still had lifts. Therefore the abandoned lifts. Very rustic base station though. Could have been used as the abandoned lodge (though it was not).

  3. where was the final scene filmed, it looked like Spirit Lake and My Saint Helens but I wasn't sure.

  4. Yes, to Mount St. Helens - I saw the same thing. And I've been there in the last year. It was definitely Spirit Lake and Mount St. Helens.

    1. I saw the film today and noticed that as well. And one of the most popular tourist attractions in that area is the legendary...Ape Cave.

    2. Thank you, everyone. Updated!

  5. There is a scene when they set of to walk (before they meet the girl), they walk on a big snow covered meadow between the trees, and a huge electric tower is behind, I am wondering if this is in Port Coquitlam, west of Lougheed Highway (before you turn right to go to Maple Ridge)

    1. I was positive that is the trail head leading up to Wallace falls in Gold Bar Washington.

  6. The passages leading to the hidden-fortress were not in fact the Othello tunnels, but were actually a massive indoor cave set built in Burnaby. Many of the most impressive scenes built for this film were left out of the final cut.

    1. Thanks, very interesting point. Updated!

  7. The Cold Pursuit hotel appears to be the Chateau Lake Louise.


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