Filming Locations Guide: Where was The Mummy Filmed?

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The wrapped monster of Universal Studios is rising from the dead in the form of a franchise, loosely based in the original 1932' Boris Karloff classic.

The sexy mummy Princess Ahmanet is awakening after millennia buried in the sand.

The action starts when soldier Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) stumbles upon an ancient prison tomb, when chasing terrorists in the Iraqi desert - hold on, whaaat? Iraq is actually quite far from Egypt... never mind.

The Mummy film location

The popular Hollywood star is accompanied in the cast by the terrific beauty of Algerian actress Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek Beyond), Russell Crowe (Gladiator) as Dr. Henry Jekyll, and Annabelle Wallis as archaeologist Jenny Halsey (King Arthur, X-Men).

The movie is set in ancient Egypt (NOT Babylon), the time of the crusaders, modern London, and Iraq.

The Mummy was filmed in England and Namibia. Here is a spoiler-free selection of some of the most relevant filming locations and sets featured in the movie:

Behind the scenes
The first scenes for The Mummy were filmed in Oxford, around Radcliffe Square, the Bodleian Library, and New College.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

The Mummy Shoot London
The filmmakers shot at various locations in the streets of London (pictured, the bus stunt filmed at Cornhill Street).
Images courtesy of Universal Pictures

Filming in a gallery
The cinematic building of the Natural History Museum (in South Kensington) is a great choice for the look of the movie.

Some more locations in London include Old Central St. Martins and The Warrington Hotel.

Old abbey ruins
One day of filming took place at the remains of Waverley Abbey in Surrey.
Image by Matt Quelch

Where was The Mummy shot
Also in Surrey, the production used Winterfold Forest for the ambulance crash scene.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

flight scene onboard a plane
Tom Cruise is a real adrenaline junkie, just check out how he gets involved filming his own stunts for the Mission: Impossible films.

This time he pushed the production to shoot in zero gravity inside a real plane in France, onboard the Novespace Airbus A300.
Images courtesy of Universal Pictures

Desert helicopter and comboi
All the scenes for Iraq and ancient Egypt were filmed in the Namib Desert.

For the first part of the film, they basically built a whole town in Namibia, and then they blew it up.
Images courtesy of Universal Pictures

The templar knights tomb set
Finally, here are some images from the amazing sets built for The Mummy.
Images courtesy of Universal Pictures

The Mummy mausoleum
Images courtesy of Universal Pictures

Die Mumie drehort
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