Filming Locations: Where is The White Princess filmed?

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The White Princess is a sequel to The White Queen, the 2013 TV show from BBC, based on the historical novel by Philippa Gregory.

The result is a 15th-century period drama about the struggle for power, romance, and betrayal, with epic filming locations.

The White Princess filming locations

The American company Starz produced the eight-episode series helmed by Emma Frost (also writer of The White Queen and The Man in the High Castle).

The cast includes Jodie Comer (before to become Killing Eve' Villanelle) as Princess Elizabeth of York, Jacob Collins-Levy as Henry VII, and Michelle Fairley as the King's mother (Catelyn Stark from Game of Thrones).

The White Princess was filmed in many cathedrals, castles, and historic buildings of England and Wales. Also, some scenes may have been filmed in Spain.

Here is our guide to the filming locations of The White Princess. Contains no spoilers!

Sudeley Castle gardens
We start our trip to Tudor-England visiting the 15th century Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire.

The fortress was used for exterior scenes as the gardens of Westminster.
Image courtesy of Starz and Patrick Gruban

The White Princess Locations
Also, Berkeley Castle was used as the courtyard for Westminster.
Image courtesy of Starz

Bottle Yard Studios Cathedral set
The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol became the headquarters of The White Princess. The set of Westminster was built there.

The production used other locations throughout the city as the Cathedral (pictured).

The showrunners tried to find all the locations within an hour’s radius of the city.
Image courtesy of Starz and Heather Cowper

Wells Cathedral knights scene
The area outside Wells Cathedral served as York. The moat of the Bishop's Palace was used for the scene where Lizzie is rowing in a boat down the Thames.
Image courtesy of Starz and Google Maps

Tithe Barn in Bradford on Avon
The throne room was filmed at the historic Tithe Barn in Bradford on Avon (Wiltshire).

The Netflix series Cursed filming locations also featured this medieval landmark.
Image courtesy of Starz and Bill Tyne

St Laurence's Church
Also in Bradford on Avon, the production was filmed in the Anglo-Saxon St Laurence's Church.
Image by James Stringer

Lacock town Tudor street
In the village of Lacock (also in Wiltshire), there is a very well preserved Tudor street that was doubling as London.
Image by Boko

Actors at Salisbury Cathedral cloister
There are several scenes featuring the Salisbury Cathedral cloister.
Image courtesy of Starz

The Gloucester Cathedral crypt
According to an interview with executive producer Emma Frost, the team built a set for the rooms of the Woodville family in the crypt of Gloucester Cathedral.
Image by Holly Hayes

Caerphilly Castle
Caerphilly Castle in South Wales was used as the Tower of London and the Docks.
Image by Nicole Rugman

Cardiff Castle
The White Princess was also shot at Cardiff Castle.
Image by Robert Moranelli

Sequence Castle of Arundel
In the first episode, Wingfield Castle of the Earl of Warwick was filmed in the Castle of Arundel (Sussex).

Some scenes for 2017 the Wonder Woman movie were filmed here; but, Where was Wonder Woman filmed?
Image courtesy of Starz, Google Maps, and Leonora Enking

Burgundy set
The Burgundy set was filmed also in this beautiful town (pictured, Arundel Cathedral).
Image courtesy of Starz

Alcazar of Seville soundstage
We couldn't confirm this location yet, but it seems that the production could have been filmed in Spain (unless they reproduced the Alhambra of Granada in a studio).
Image courtesy of Starz and Archigeek

Cathedral of Seville shoot
In this screenshot, Elizabeth and Henry with the cathedral of Seville in the background.
Image courtesy of Starz and Wolfgang Manousek

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  1. Love this! I live in Bristol and LOVED this show so so much :) most locations are easy to travel too and I have been to the Seville cathedral many years ago. Debs

  2. Where was the filming location of her childhood home?

    1. you probably don't care about that two years later, but if you mean the manor in episode 1, it's the great chalfield manor :)

  3. some parts where clearly filmed in sussex at a open air museum there near midhurst

    1. I'm pretty sure it's the Weald Open Air museum near Chichester.

  4. there where scenes clearly filmed in west sussex at a open air museum near midhurst

    1. Yes the Weald and Downland Museum near Singleton, West Sussex.. I've done my bit there dressed in Wars of the Roses kit as a Longbowman

  5. There were also French garden scenes shot at Montacute House (Wolf Hall) in Somerset.

  6. What a brilliant series. It was the best thing on tv on a Saturday night for years. Please make another sequel.

  7. I’ve seen the scene where Edward and Elizabeth visit Spain. It’s simply hilarious. Showing Catalina de Aragon as a gipsy dancer or the court official as a sort of turk. Come on men, stop that garbage. It’s an amazing series but this... Well, other day we can talk about so sunny Burgundy. Men, it’s Belgium, not the Provence.

    1. Actually, Burgundy is in modern-day France. But I agree, it's far from sunny.

  8. Yes, I loved this show, but the scene with little Catherine was ridiculous.


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