Where was The Avengers: Age of Ultron filmed?

The Avengers castle
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The second part of the Hollywood blockbuster The Avengers, is the most international Marvel movie yet. It was shot on location in five different countries: Italy, South Africa, South Korea, United Kingdom and Bangladesh. The production was based in Shepperton Studios (part of Pinewood Studios), near London.

The movie shows an impressive cast of stars, including Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff or Black Widow), Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark or Iron Man) (Robert Downey Jr.), Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury or the S.H.I.E.L.D. boss), Chris Evans (Steve Rogers or Captain America), and Chris Hemsworth (Thor). No contains spoilers!

The Avengers filming locations in Italy

Sokovia location
The Hydra fortress at the beginning of the film, located in the fictional Eastern European nation of Sokovia, was filmed in Fort Bard. This is a 19th-century castle, situated in the historic route that controls the pass between Italy and France in the Aosta Valley (northwest of Italy). For the Avengers attack, the castle was lined with fake snow and many extras were recruited from the local population. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Crivellari Giulio

Where is Sokovia filmed location
Sections of the city of Aosta were transformed into Sokovia's capital. Explosions, rubble and terror unleashed around the market square. Some more scenes were also filmed in the towns of Donnas, Verrès and Pont-Saint-Martin (pictured), featuring an angry Scarlet Witch and her speedy brother, Quicksilver.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Google Maps

The Avengers in Italy
It seems that the former Yugoslavia was the inspiration for Sokovia; The signs of the streets were replaced by others in Serbian, and some old eastern European cars were placed in the set.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Google Maps

Age of Ultron Locations in Bangladesh

The Avengers Bangladesh
A brief scene not including actors, representing a shipyard (Salvage Yard) in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, was filmed in Chittagong. Nearby Chittagong is where the famous shipbreaking yards are located. You may have seen before impressive images or videos of massive ships that are being dismantled in the beach. Image by Naquib Hossain

Age of Ultron filming locations in South Africa

The Avengers filming in South Africa
The square in the City Hall of Johannesburg became a battlefield, featuring the Hulk and the fat version of Iron Man, the Hulkbuster armor. Cast and crew were filming in South Africa for two weeks, blocking streets and creating some traffic jams around the Central Business District of Johannesburg. Outdoors were also filmed in Carlton Centre, at Rea Vaya bus stations and in Gandhi Square. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Google Maps

The Avengers filming locations in South Korea

The Avengers Seoul
A good chunk of The Avengers was shot in Seoul. The Gangnam (style) Boulevard area was used to shot scenes involving Ultron, Captain America and Black Widow among others. Image by courtesy of Marvel Studios

The Avengers Drehorte
The Avengers jet taking off in Nuritkum Square, in the the Digital Media City.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Google Maps

The Avengers South Korea
The floating artificial Sevit islands on the Han River appear in the movie as the U-Gin Genetics Research building. More action scenes were filmed at the massive Cheongdam Bridge (which connects two sides of the city with road traffic and a line of Seoul Subway), the almost one mile long Mapo Bridge and at Ttukseom park.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and Republic of Korea

The Avengers filming locations in United Kingdom

The Avengers Movie Locations
The Hawley Woods in Hampshire and Bourne Woods in Surrey staged the battle scene in the snow at the beginning of the movie, including armoured vehicles. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

Hawkeye's secret family house
The secret safe house that is supposed to be somewhere in the west coast of the USA, it's also located in the UK. It was built in the estate Stratfield Saye in Hampshire, owned by the Duke of Wellington.
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

The Avengers movie set location
The red velvet Rivoli Ballroom offers genuine decor, almost untouched since it was renovated in the 1950s. It has been used in many other movies. In the Age of Ultron, this dance hall appears in a flashback sequence taking place during World War II. Image by London Lime

Avengers Age of Ultron filming locations
This location is a bit hidden: the sequence inside a boat was filmed in a venue in the middle of London, called The Printworks. Image by Blank Canvas

The Avengers shooting locations
Thor has a vision and sees a temple filmed at St Bartholomew the Great church in London (pictured). Some more locations in UK include the Royal Holloway College in Surrey, the tunnels of the Dover Castle in Kent (Hydra Fortress), and the Hendon Police College in London (that was also used for scenes of the city of Sokovia, including a set of a ruined church). Image courtesy of Marvel Studios and David Iliff

New Avengers headquarters location
The Sainsbury Centre of Visual Arts building from University of East Anglia in Norwich, was used to shoot some outdoor scenes for the New Avengers headquarters. A large “A” sign for the Avengers was placed inside the coffee shop of the building. Image by Martin and Richard Mark Smith

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