Where was Snow White and the Huntsman filmed?

Snow White and the Huntsman Locations
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Once upon a time, before the Walt Disney factory made its mark on our collective memory, fairy tales were not as sugary and child-friendly as we now know them. In fact, these stories were as cruel as child’s simplicity can be, violent and explicit, when the original tales were first compiled by the Brothers Grimm.

Snow White and the Huntsman stars The Twilight Saga vampire Kristen Stewart, Chris 'Thor' Hemsworth and Charlize Theron (Mad Max Fury Road, Atomic Blonde).

We don't know to what extent this film directed by Rupert Sanders returns to the literary origins, but in any case, it’s a great opportunity to visit some utterly beautiful British landscapes. Following this link you can find the filming locations of The Huntsman Winter's War, the second part of the movie also shot in UK.

Snow White and the Huntsman filming locations
The Bourne Woods, on the outskirts of London, has been used as a location for filming many movies, television series and music videos. The castle and the house of The Old Guard Netflix movie was also filmed here in this scenic forest, located quite close from Pinewood Studios. Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Carol Drew

Lake district
The movie was also shot at Blea Tarn, boasting all the colors of the Lake District. The United Kingdom is a beautiful country, but it's not always easy to appreciate it, particularly if on that bank holiday that you set aside to do so, the weather is not the very best. Anyway, sometimes it is just part of the scene! Image by Earthwatcher

Blea Tarn Film Location
Fantasy characters marching in single file above a valley, whilst the camera circles around them. Lord of the Rings Déjà vu? One day I'm going to make a video montage, pasting all scenes like this into a never-ending spinning loop :) Image courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Cathedral Quarry
The Cathedral Quarry, or Cathedral Rock, can also be found in the Lake district and features many interconnected human-made caves, including this notable chamber, standing out at 40 foot (12 meters) high.
Image by Oliver Whiteside

Filming in Skye Scotland
The movie also has been filmed in the Isle of Skye in Scotland, using the same mountains that appear as filming location in Prometheus. Image by Sandy Sieczkarekr

Burnham Beeches Snow White
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, it's home from work we go... Burnham Beeches, in Buckinghamshire, formed part of the journey through the Sanctuary and the Dark Forest. Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and James Petts

Frensham Ponds
Frensham Ponds, in southwest London. The web of the National Trust explains how 'the production team of about 800 came to Frensham and spent two and a half months building the medieval village' only to be burned to the ground afterwards to recreate a cruentus scene. Woops, spoiler! Image by Weesam2010

Marloes Sands
Marloes Sands, in Wales, was the chosen location for an epic battle.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Earthwatcher

Snow White Beach
At the end of the beach sits Gateholm island, where the castle of the evil queen was added on top.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and David Evans

Snow White and the Huntsman Castle
I know where I've seen this framing before: at the end of Castlevania :]
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Snow White and the Huntsman Castle Location
It's curious how our creativity is built upon mashups of everything else we've seen before. There's a scene that reminds me of the outstanding music video Frozen from Madonna, directed by Chris Cunningham in 1998.
Image by Earthwatcher

Snow White Beach Location
I'm talking about when the witch reveals her power to mutate into a bunch of ferocious ravens.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures.

St Bartholomew the Great
Also many settings are just mashups of several real locations that end up forming something new, like the columns from St Bartholomew the Great Church in London, added to the scene below.
Image by Steve Cadman

St Bartholomew the Great
Many other settings, like the troll bridge or the castle, were built from scratch in Pinewood Studios, located only 8 miles away from Heathrow airport. Image courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Windsor Great Park
Windsor Great Park and some of its 800-year-old oak trees were used in scenes of the Enchanted Forest and the Dark Forest. Image by Craig S

The Enchanted Forest
And many other bits and pieces of the film come from the talented artistic FX team, so we can only expect to visit them in our dreams. Image courtesy of Universal Pictures.

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  1. Frensham is not in south-east London.

    Frensham is a small village in Surrey, some 40 miles south-west of London.

    source: I took the photo.

  2. Haha, thanks William, definitely you are the best source to check this. Updated! It said east but the map is correct. Many thanks also for your great picture!


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