Landmannalaugar, Colorful Icelandic Mountains

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On a sunny summer's day, Landmannalaugar must be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Unfortunately, the wonderful views of this jaw-dropping area, located in the south of Iceland, are only visible to the lucky ones who visit the park on one of those rare days of the year in which the weather is clear enough.


The area is famous for its kaleidoscopic rock compositions. This is our second chapter for those of you addicted to panoramas supersaturated with colors, following our previous visit to the astonishing Danxia landforms in China.

This is a territory of young and active volcanos where rare rhyolite rocks are responsible for this exaggerated chromatism. Image by

The dune of sulfur called Brennisteinsalda offers a landscape with one of the widest spectrums of natural colors in the world.

This kind of lava cools very slowly, resulting in this spectacle for your eyes.
Image by Marvin van Straalen and previous one by Jon Vidar

Landmannalaugar is part of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve. I would like to thank the inventor of the copy-pasting option for all the help with avoiding typos. Image by Frans Evenblij

Iceland Landscape The roads leading here are only open for tourists from around June through to late September, and the place is virtually only possible to reach on a 4WD vehicle. Image by x@ray

Welcome to Colorland. Image by Federico Moroni

Imagen de Colin Murdison

The ugly puddle is the translation of Ljotipollur, a crater lake full of beauty. It makes sense if you know the supposed story that tells of how the inhabitants of the island swapped the name Iceland with icy Greenland to fool invaders.
Image by James Herbert

Iceland Volcano
Like an open wound bleeding iron, rent by Odin... ah, these blazing red tones are making me poetic.
Image by James Herbert

This shocking green moss has just begun to colonize the environment of the lake. Image by Sagt

With the contrast of the black background, the moss seems to glow. Image by Yodod

Laugavegurinn An indecisive river, one more of the many landscape features that you can find here together with hot springs, falls and flowing lava turned to stone. Image by Arjan Veen

Laugavegur Landmannalaugar is only the beginning of a famous four day-trek, considered one of the great walks of the world, called Laugavegur. Image by M'sieur rico

Fjallabak route
Talking about Iceland? Oh, this is my last chance to mention Björk. Image by Andrés Sanchez

  1. I've never seen anything like this before in my life! Hope to see it with my own eyes one day... Do you think this is where Bjork goes to write her songs? I have the same blue mac as her I think!

  2. Really? You have so much in common with her! Let's go there and check if Bjork is around, she can't be too far.


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