Where was Godless filmed?

Godless tells the story of a little town called run by women, struggling to get ahead, after a mining accident killed most of the men. At the same time, a gang of outlaws are soon going to meet their destiny on the grounds of this town, called La Belle.

At first, this limited series were planned to be a two-hour film. No doubt that extending the original script to a seven-episodes series was a good opportunity to unfold in a masterful way the plot and the characters of this new Netflix Western.

So, where is La Belle located? Godless was filmed at several locations and landscapes in the north of New Mexico. These are the spoiler-free filming locations for the series:

Where is Godless filmed
The production was hosted at the sound stages of Santa Fe Studios.
Image courtesy of Netflix

Godless La Belle Location
The fictional town of La Belle (inspired by some real mining disaster stories), was built at San Cristobal Ranch, some miles south of Santa Fe. Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Where is the town of Godless
According to local newspaper Albuquerque Journal (thanks to them we discovered most of the filming locations for Godless), the production crew built the largest Western film set ever in New Mexico. It included 28 buildings and required the work of 130 people during twelve weeks and a half. Image courtesy of Netflix

Where is Godless set
Alice Fletcher’s ranch was also constructed on the land of San Cristobal Ranch.
Image courtesy of Netflix

Godless where filmed
Not far from there was filmed the opening scene of the massacre in Creed. Film director Tom Ford’s massive ranch in Galisteo served as location for the the damned village. Cerro Pelon Ranch (also known as Cooks Ranch) includes on its 20,000 acres a Western movie town erected for '85 film Silverado. Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Godless Location
The Olagrande town scenes were shot at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Godless New Mexico
An Indian camp was filmed near Chama River in Abiquiu.
Image by Ingrid Truemper - Map

Godless drehort
Some of the scenes where Frank Griffin's brotherhood take refuge were shot near Jemez Pueblo.
Image by Woody Hibbard - Map

Where does Godless take place
The scene where Frank's men are chasing Roy Goode was filmed at Diablo Canyon, also in New Mexico.
Image by Steven W. Martin - Map

Godless Filming Locations
Some other locations include El Rancho de las Golondrinas (pictured), a place called Cherry Meadow near the town of Pecos, and Santa Clara Pueblo that was used to film river scenes. Image by Mnchilemom

Godless shooting locations

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