Where was The Shack filmed?

This story of faith and magic is based on the worldwide bestseller by William Paul Young, a Canadian author who self-published the novel in 2007. The plot explains how Mack, a man in mourning after his daughter is murdered, receives a personal and mysterious invitation to meet God at a place called "The Shack".

Sam Worthington (Avatar, Clash of the Titans) plays the main role together with Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures), a controversial black Goddess.

There's not much information about the exact filming locations of this movie, but we hope to find it out soon, maybe with your help. So far, we know that The Shack was filmed basically in Vancouver and in the countryside of British Columbia. As usual, we do not talk too much about the plot to avoid spoilers:

The Shack filming locations
This mountain seems to be a computer-generated image, but probably is based on the almost vertical Grand Wall of Stawamus Chief. Image by courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The Shack locations
The crew was filming on the grounds of Stawamus Chief Park, near the town of Squamish.
Image by Ruth Hartnup

Where was The Shack shot
The lush forests of the area look very much like the ones that the characters are trekking in the film.
Image by courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The Shack film locations
It is also confirmed that the production was shooting on the lake Cultus.
Image by courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Where was the movie The Shack filmed
Cultus Lake Provincial Park, 50 miles east of Vancouver, is a popular camping spot in British Columbia.
Image by Jon Rawlinson

Where does The Shack take place
Is it the shack also hiding on the shores of Cultus Lake? Only God (and maybe you) knows.
Image by courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The Shack waterfall
The waterfall was filmed at Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge, east of Portlant, Oregon.
Image by Melfoody

The Shack Mountain
According to our readers, the snow covered mountain is the stratovolcano Mount Baker in Washington state.
Image by Jerry McFarland

The Shack Vancouver
Next stop, Vancouver. From a screen caption we discover that Mack’s family house has the number 1853, but the street is missing. Image by courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Where is The Shack set
Also we find out that this church from the film is a heritage site, and that there's a sign outside saying "Valley Congregational Church", but we don't know its location yet. Image by courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The Shack drehort
Can you help improving this post about the filming locations for The Shack? To complete and correct this report, any feedback, info or images that you may have are more than welcome, thank you!

For further information here is a link to the original novel by William Paul Young, The Shack: Where tragedy confronts eternity, and to the original edition of the audiobook. Also it is available the music from and inspired by the film, the Original Motion Picture:


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Kathleen, but do you mean that the shack of The Shack was filmed in Lost Lake?

    2. No, we did not shoot in Whistler

  2. The falls appear to actually be Multnomah Falls, just east of Portlabd, Oregon

  3. Snow covered mountain appears to be mount rainier Washington state

  4. The waterfall where he told the story of the Indian girl was filmed at Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. I've hiked there many times.

  5. Mount Baker is the snow-covered mountain - shows up twice

    1. Yep, it's Baker. I live near Cultus and that's the angle I see everyday.

  6. The church is in Milner, Langley, BC. I think the semi truck road is too.

    1. The one in 216 St? I reckon it doesn't look like the one in the film...

  7. The image captioned "It is also confirmed that the production was shooting on the lake Cultus." is actually a picture of Sayres Lake. It has been a favorite secluded swimming spot for me and my friends for years, but it is getting a lot less secluded now. I was surprised to see a few shots in the trailer that looked like Sayres, so I did a quick search and found this web page. The image above confirms it for me.

    The snowy suburb shot looks a lot like my home town, Mission, not far from Sayres. That street looks familiar, but I can't quite place it. Could be another town though


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