Where was Taboo Filmed?

The new co-production of the BBC aired by FX channel is a dark period drama starring Mad Max: Fury Road Tom Hardy. Set in 1814, this fictional story takes the viewer to the darkest nineteenth-century England, in a world where the powerful East India Company ruled some of the most profitable private business of the British Empire.

James Keziah Delaney is a mysterious adventurer returning from Africa where he was presumed dead, to claim his family heritage. The plot of Taboo is an idea of the actor Tom Hardy, who wrote the script with his father and Steven Knight, the creator of Peaky Blinders.

Taboo was filmed around London in some historic homes and other places that make this production remarkably interesting, regarding the filming locations. We will be updating and improving often this report, at the same time that we try not to include any spoilers:

Taboo Filming Locations
The setting is an important part of the story and the locations are a journey into the early 19th century Regency London.
Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks

Taboo locations
The magnificent interiors of Hatfield House in Hertfordshire served as the headquarters of the East India Company, and the facade as the palace of the Prince Regent. Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks and Paul Hudson

Taboo East India Company
Several rooms from Hatfield House were used, like the armoury, the library or the Marble Hall, pictured. This opulent state has been the set for many other productions, from the 1989 Batman to 2016' Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks and Hatfield House

Taboo House
Some rooms from 17th century Ham House in south of Richmond were used for scenes with Sir Stuart Strange (Jonathan Pryce) and some company's Counselors. Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks and Allan Harris

Where is Taboo filmed
This is the facade of the East India Company building in the series. Can you help to identify where is it, please?
Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks

Shooting locations Taboo
The Danson House in Bexley is the state where Zilpha and Thorne Geary live.
Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks and Jill Catley

Shooting locations Taboo
The library of this Georgian mansion during beethoven's sixth symphony play.
Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks and Jill Catley

Where was Taboo shot
Also the cellar of Danson House was the setting for a room in St Bartholomew Hospital, as seen in episode 2.
Image courtesy of Barbara Rogerson

Taboo London
The Golden Hind berthed in Southwark is the Sir Francis Drake’s ship replica. It can be seen for scenes of Delaney on board a boat. Image by Nigel Swales

Taboo Ghost
By the way, did you spot the mysterious ghosts hidden like Easter eggs in some sequences of Taboo? Have you found them all? Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks

Taboo drehort
An outdoor scene takes places in Trinity Church Square, Southwark.
Image by Paul Farmer

Taboo filming
Many sequences in the streets of London have been filmed in Tilbury Fort, a 16th century fortress on the north bank of the River Thames in Essex. Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks and Peter Taylor

Taboo filming
Some scenes with boats have been filmed in the inner moat of Tilbury Fort (and the wooden bridge at the right can be seen several times). Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks

Locations Taboo FX
According to IMDb and Wikipedia, Taboo was filmed somewhere in West Wycombe Park (Buckinghamshire), but so far we don't have any more details about it. Image by Fred F

Where is Taboo filmed
The historic Charterhouse in Smithfield also appears in the show, although we are not sure yet how was it used. Other confirmed locations are St Martin’s building in Camden and the House of Detention on Sans Walk (Islington).
Image by James Morgenstern

Taboo mini series
Image courtesy of BBC/FX Networks

Can you help find the missing filming locations for Taboo?
Have you recognized other locations watching the series? To complete this report, any feedback, suggestions or images that you may have are more than welcome, thank you!

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Anonymous said...

In Taboo part two I saw what looked like wind turbines turning in the background of the scene where Delaney drops the stones from the ship into the water. What are they?. Is this Gravesend Docks.

Ra Moon said...

You are right, some modern wind turbines can be seen in a corner of the screen... It must be from Gravesend, as it is on the other bank of the Thames (from Tilbury Fort).

Unknown said...

Ham House long room used in episode two. The picture above with the organ and book shelves looks like Hatchlands Park.

Ra Moon said...

Thanks, updated! Not sure about Hatchlands Park, though.

caperberry said...

The Temple was used in ep2, appropriately enough for the legal scenes. There were shots on Kings Bench Walk and also the colonnade by the church

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