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Where was Mechanic: Resurrection filmed?

The careers of both leading actors Jason Statham (Snatch, Spy) and Jessica Alba (Sin City) have seen better days, but this action-packed summer blockbuster is coming with some interesting locations and a little surprise. So we couldn't resist the temptation of checking in the places where Mechanic: Resurrection has been filmed in Thailand, Brazil, Australia and Bulgaria.

The movie is the sequel of an original film from 1972 starring Charles macho Bronson, where the elite agent Arthur Bishop is specialized in killing the most dangerous men in the world, by making death look like an accident.

Whatever be the outcome, we hope that at least the crew enjoyed working in the following great locations:

Mechanic Resurrection Filming Locations

Where was Suicide Squad Filmed?

The new American antihero -or supervillain- summer blockbuster has been filmed mostly in the streets of the Canadian city of Toronto, plus in other minor locations in California. The studios where Suicide Squad was headquartered are Pinewood also in Toronto, and Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.

The cast of this gang of dark and entertaining characters is led by Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as the naughty Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as Joker. The team of dangerous criminals will have to save the world (or in this case, the world of Midway City from the DC film universe), in a desperate mission from a secret government agency. Contains no spoilers!

Suicide Squad Filming locations

12 Fortified Churches of Transylvania: The castles of the peasants

The Carpathian Mountains enclosing Transylvania used to be a frontier land. This historical region located in the heart of Romania, has been always a mosaic of cultures and people. It was not only inhabited by Romanian but also Hungarian-Székelys, Jews, Gypsies, Vampires (joking:)... and a group of skilled artisans, descendents of Germanic tribes called the Saxons. These privileged immigrants were invited by the King of Hungary in the 12th century to help defending and developing this conflictive territory.

Constantly threatened by Ottomans, Mongols, Tatars, Cossacks and also Romanian invaders, unlike Hungarians, Transylvanian Saxons were too far from homeland to run away. Apparently, their only option was to stay and resist. Thus what made their legacy unique is the fact that instead of gathering around a lord in his castle, these people transformed their most representative communal building into a stronghold.

Nowadays only 150 of these fortified churches are still standing, out of approximately 300. After a memorable journey to the area, we have selected some of the most interesting remaining ensembles from this magnificent architectural legacy:

Fortified Churches

Where was Ghostbusters filmed?

The new all-female Ghostbusters poker is here to save the world. Film director Paul Feig is also here to save us from the horror of watching a bad remake of the glorious 80's paranormal comedy. It seems that we are in good hands. His last movie Spy was one of the funniest surprises of 2015.

To fight against the terrors of a pointless sequel, the main cast is not alone. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver, among others, answered the call and they do a cameo in different parts of this new installment. The franchise’s stars are Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. The girls are also attended by a very special receptionist: Thor's Chris Hemsworth.

Ghostbusters is still taking place in New York like the original, so many exteriors have been shot in Manhattan. However, to reduce costs, the movie has been filmed basically in Boston and some other locations in Massachusetts:

Ghostbusters Filming Locations

Brief compitlation of odd and funny signs found in 10 years of travel

And now for some wonders completely different. After many years of traveling photography, folders of pictures about funny, quirky and other peculiar situations have been piling up in a corner of the desktop. Internet is full of stuff like this, but who cares. These is our stuff, we've been there, and today has come the time to bring some of them to the light.

The fact is that the last thing one should lose is not hope, but the sense of humor. When you are in certain circumstances out there and everything goes wrong, sometimes the only thing that can save you (and that you have left) is to make fun of the consequences of your bad decisions.

There are countries that perform better than others producing such situations, but I prefer not to go into details. By the way, this time the Spanish version of this post it is almost completely different - you can take a look clicking here.

Nazi Apartments

Where is Game of Thrones filmed?

No doubt this is one of the best TV series of all the times, and season after season it continues showing new and wonderful filming locations. In this post we are focusing on the best new locations where Game of Thrones has been filmed in season 6.

Northern Ireland continues serving as the camp base for this complex production. Spain and especially Catalonia picked up the slack of Croatia, that for the first time since the beginning of the series, is almost not going to be used as set for King's Landing anymore.

In Spain you can find arid lands and deserts like in Morocco (used in season 3), a country that once more was dropped as filming location. The same for Iceland (season 2 and 3) and Malta (1). You can find some of the top filming locations of Game of Thrones for season 3 here following this link. Just in case you haven't watched yet the latest episodes, we'll try to keep it spoiler-free as much as possible:

Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain

Where is Game of Thrones filmed season 6

Where was Captain America: Civil War filmed?

Despite the name, more than a Captain America series film, this movie could be called Avengers: Civil War, or Avengers 2.5 as many fans refer to it. The plot picks up where Age of Ultron left off. This time Steve Rogers leads one of the two superhero rival teams. Both factions will sort out their opposite views about government oversight by giving example: coming to blows.

The usual selection of stars returning to the franchise include Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner or Paul Rudd, and some newcomers like Tom Holland aka Spiderman.

This new Marvel blockbuster has used the city of Atlanta and Pinewood Studios as the base for the film. Captain America: Civil War has also been shot on location in Germany, Puerto Rico, and Iceland:

Captain America: Civil War Filming locations

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