Where was Vera Filmed? Bentham, the house, and all the 13th season locations

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Returning for its 13th season, Vera was filmed in the North East on England, where the show is set.

The beloved long-running detective show stars Brenda Blethyn as Vera, the Detective Chief Inspector of the fictional Northumberland and City Police.

Northumberland and City Police

Joe Ashworth, played by David Leon, returns after almost a decade away from the show when he left at the end of series 4.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to all the new filming locations of Vera season 13. You'll find the locations in order of appearance.

Vera's locations: Bentham

The first episode of series 13, "Fast Love," the fictional town of Bentham was filmed primarily in Hexham.

This historic market town in Northumberland is famous for its medieval Hexham Abbey, which can be seen in the background of the scene.

The Meddon's Fruit and Veg stall is located in the Shambles, a covered market built in 1766.
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  Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Old Market Tavern
As Visit Hexam revealed, the Old Market Tavern was filmed at the Tannery pub, also in Hexham.
Image courtesy of ITV and Google Maps

Pequeña Mexicana
The narrow street was filmed on St Mary's Chare, an old shopping street off the Market Place in Hexham.

The Pequeña Mexicana restaurant is actually the Little Mexico restaurant at 4 Market Street.
Image courtesy of ITV - Maps: St Mary's Chare / Restaurant

Vera Bridge
The crime scene was set at the Wylam Railway Bridge, also known as Hagg Bank Bridge.

Originally built in 1876, this wrought-iron bridge is an architectural landmark in the region, connecting Wylam to Newcastle by railway until it was converted into a footbridge in 1975.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Wylam Train Station
In the previous establishing shot appears the Wylam Train Station and the bridge across the River Tyne, located about a mile away from Hagg Bank Bridge.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Bentham England
There is a scene with Vera under the arch outside Hexham Abbey.

Originally founded as a Benedictine monastery in the 7th century, this is one of the oldest Christian sites in England.

The current abbey building, largely constructed during the 12th century, showcases Norman architecture with additions and renovations over the centuries, including Gothic and Victorian elements.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Hexham Bridge
This scene was filmed in Tyne Green Country Park, with the Hexham Bridge in the background.

This stone bridge, with its distinctive seven arches, was constructed in the 1790s.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Small World Cafe
Suzanne's cafe is the Small World Cafe in the Market Place, also in Hexham.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Northumberland and City Police
As Northumberland and City Police Station is set in Newcastle, there are occasional establishing shots throughout the series of the iconic Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the River Tyne area with Vera's no less iconic old blue Land Rover Defender 90.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Trow Point in Sandhaven Beach
The beach scene was filmed at the Trow Point in Sandhaven Beach, South Shields.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Old Haydon Bridge
The picturesque Old Haydon Bridge and the Anchor Hotel are also featured in this episode.

This 17th-century bridge is no longer used for vehicular traffic to preserve its historic value.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Vera drehorte
Vera and Leon are having a cup of tea at the North Shields Fish Quay with the picturesque Low Lighthouse in the background.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Metrocentre Newcastle
The shopping centre at the beginning of the second episode, "Tender," is the Metrocentre in Newcastle.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Grounded Out coffee
The Grounded Out coffee shop is actually The Hooch bar on the corner of Quayside and Broadchare in Newcastle.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Spittal Beach Promenade
The row of terraced houses by the sea was filmed on the Spittal Beach Promenade near Tweedmouth.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

The Griffin pub Newcastle
The Griffin pub is actually The Central on Half Moon Lane in Gateshead.
Image courtesy of ITV and Google Maps

Simmon's fish and chips
The Russels' Traditional Fish and Chips shop in Redcar is the real-life location used for Simmon's Chip Shop in the third episode, "Salt and Vinegar".
Image courtesy of ITV and Google Maps

Helliwell's Fish and Chips
The Helliwell's Fish and Chips shop is the Pier Vista, located just around the corner.
Image courtesy of ITV and Google Maps

Vera's House

Vera House
Vera gets the call from her beautiful house located at The Snook on Holy Island (also known as Lindisfarne), which is situated off the northeast coast.

Lindisfarne is a tidal island, accessible only at low tide, so Vera may be late for her duties from time to time if she gets stuck there.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Tees Newport Bridge
The magnificent Tees Newport Bridge appears in one establishing shot.

Completed in 1934, this vertical lift bridge over the River Tees in Middlesbrough has a lifting mechanism that allows it to accommodate maritime traffic.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

Vera location
The house scenes were filmed at Calver Court in South Shields.
Image courtesy of ITV - Map

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The actor is David Leon. The character is DS Joe Ashworth.

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   Sorry and thank you, updated!

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The exterior of The Griffin pub is The Central, but I'd like to know where the interior of the pub was filmed - it doesn't match the photos inside The Central I took a couple of years ago!

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   It seems pretty clear that the interior was also filmed at The Griffin.


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