Where was Lift filmed? The castle, the pool house, and all the locations

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Featuring great filming locations, Lift was filmed in the United Kingdom and Italy.

The plot revolves around a global team of thieves assembled to foil a terrorist plot, requiring them to execute a high-stakes heist aboard an airplane.

Kevin Hart and the cast

Kevin Hart and Gugu Mbatha-Raw star in this action-packed heist thriller. Vincent D'Onofrio, Sam Worthington, Jacob Batalon and Jean Reno round out the cast.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of Lift. You'll find the locations in order of appearance.

Lift locations

Lift location
The movie opens with magnificent aerial views of the stunning Doge's Palace and the Saint Mark's Basilica in the iconic Piazza San Marco in Venice.

The entrance to the Sterling's Art Auction is through the Museo Correr, located on the west corner of the square.
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Sterling Lift
However, the interior was filmed in the Salone Maggiore of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, also located in Venice, but on the other side of the Grand Canal.

This is one of the six Scuole Grandi, which were confraternities or guilds in Venice that had both religious and social functions.

The Salone Maggiore (Great Hall) is renowned for its extensive collection of paintings by the 16th century Venetian Renaissance artist Jacopo Tintoretto.
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Sterling's auctions
The Sterling's auction in London was filmed at the Drawing Office One in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Located at the Titanic Hotel Belfast, this venue for weddings and events can accommodate up to 300 guests.

This remarkable room holds historical significance as it was the painstaking design center for the world's most elegant ocean liners, including the Titanic.
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Úrsula Corberó as the pilot in Venice
Camila, the pilot (played by Úrsula Corberó, Tokyo in the Money Heist series), is waiting with the boat at the Bridge of Sighs, outside the Doge's Palace.

In real life, they would have to cross all of St. Mark's Square to get here, since the auction house is not next to this canal.
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55 Whitehall London
In London, Marcus the safecracker (Billy Magnussen) throws the Van Gogh into the water to be picked up by Luke, the engineer (Viveik Kalra).

The river was probably filmed somewhere in or around Belfast, but the building is the Department for International Trade at 55 Whitehall in central London.

This building, also featured in Skyfall, was CGI'd into the scene because it's not located near the Thames River.
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Lift movie in Venice
As is almost always the case with movies, the boat chase doesn't make much sense geographically, since instead of going out of the Venice Lagoon to reach the yacht, there are shots of the boat going backwards through the Grand Canal, inside the city.

From the Grand Canal, they take the Gesulti River, in the direction of Murano. Pictured, the Dona Bridge (Ponte Donà).
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Murano Glassmakers' River
But Murano, home of the artisan glassmakers, is a gorgeous island, so they go in this direction for the show.

Located about a mile north of Venice, the boats cruise Murano's main canal, called the Rio dei Vetrai (Glassmakers' River).
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San Biasio delle Catene Bridge
From Murano, -movie magic- they return to the starting point in the San Marco Basin, after passing under the San Biasio delle Catene Bridge.
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The Cyrus' house in Lift

Lift Cyrus apartment pool
The pool connecting two buildings is real: Cyrus' home is located in the Embassy Gardens residential complex in the Nine Elms area of London.

Dangerously reminiscent of the famous Mechanic: Resurrection pool scene, the Sky Pool is suspended 115 feet (35 meters) above the ground.

Completed in 2021, this spectacular transparent rooftop pool allows residents and guests to see the ground below as they swim between the buildings.
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Lift pool house
Designed by London-based duo Benningen Lloyd, the apartments at Embassy Gardens are made to maximize light, views, and height in every room.

The price of one of these modest flats starts at 650,000 pounds sterling (about $830,000 USD).

Castle Ward boathouse in Northern Ireland
The cottage in Northern Ireland is the Boathouse at Castle Ward, a National Trust property located in County Down.

The Boathouse and other areas of Castle Ward may be familiar to fans of Game of Thrones, as the estate served as one of the filming locations for the popular series.
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The Lift Castle

Lift Castle
Jorgenson's estate in Tuscany is the Miramare Castle, located on the Gulf of Trieste in northeastern Italy.

Surrounded by a vast park with botanical gardens, the castle was built between 1856 and 1860 for the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian.
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West Wycombe Park red room
But this interior room of the castle was filmed at West Wycombe Park in Buckinghamshire, England.

This 18th-century Palladian-style country house was used as the Joséphine's home location in the new Napoleon film.

The large painting in the scene's background is Rembrandt’s ‘Storm on the Sea of Galilee’, stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.
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Lift pub in Brussels
The pub in Brussels is the Crown Liquor Saloon on Great Victoria Street in Belfast.

Owned by the National Trust, this historic Victorian pub is known for its ornate architecture featuring mosaics, stained glass, and mahogany interiors.
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Whitehead railway station
The Cortina D'Ampezzo train station is actually the Whitehead railway station in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The station is known for its heritage railway atmosphere and is home to the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland, with vintage locomotives and carriages.
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Lift drehorte
At the end of the movie, Cyrus and Abby are driving through the spectacular Dolomite Mountains in Italy.

Although the lake was created using CGI, this is the Passo di Giau landscape.
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1- Anonymous - Jan 13, 2024, 5:38 PM
Fun movie! I've been to some of the locations. I was in the real Cortina last fall.

2- Anonymous - Jan 20, 2024, 2:13 PM
Passo Giau's landscape has been artificially filled with a false big lake.

3- Anonymous - Feb 4, 2024, 10:42 AM
The Miramare Castle is located 500 km northeast of Tuscany in the Friuli region.


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