Where was Candy Cane Lane filmed? Guide to all El Segundo locations

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Set in El Segundo, California, Candy Cane Lane was filmed between this city and at the Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Based on the annual holiday lights display tradition in many neighborhoods across the country, the movie follows a man and his family determined to win in his community's yearly Christmas home decoration competition.

Candy Cane Lane location

Eddie Murphy stars as Chris Carver, who unwittingly makes a deal with a playful elf named Pepper (Jillian Bell) to increase his chances of winning.

A magical spell that brings the 12 Days of Christmas to life is unleashed, causing chaos throughout the town.

Welcome to Kringle's and our spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of Candy Cane Lane. The locations are listed in order of appearance.

The El Segundo Candy Cane Lane locations

Playa Del Rey Beach
Since there is no snow in this part of California, the kids are sand surfing and making sandmen instead of snowmen.

This scene was filmed at the Playa Del Rey Beach in Los Angeles, with the Scattergood Generating Station as the backdrop.
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El Segundo High School
Before arriving at Candy Cane Lane, there are a couple of establishing shots filmed in El Segundo, one of them showing the local high school.

This coastal city in Los Angeles County, located near Los Angeles International Airport, offers a unique blend of industrial and residential charm.
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The Candy Cane Lane location

Candy Cane Lane El Segundo
The real Candy Cane Lane was filmed on Colonial Street at the Universal Studios Hollywood in North Hollywood.

This set is a meticulously crafted replica of a quintessential American suburban neighborhood, capturing the essence of a bygone era.

Some of the houses are empty inside and have no backs, as the interiors are usually recorded in the studio.
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Candy Cane Lane house
Colonial Street has served as the backdrop for numerous iconic films and TV shows, including The Munsters, The Burbs, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This charming street is also known as Wisteria Lane from the famous TV series Desperate Housewives.

In the popular ABC series, the Carver family home was the house of Mike Delfino and later Katherine Mayfair. The blue house on the right was Bree Van de Kamp's house.
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Candy Cane Lane street
The movie is set in El Segundo because it is inspired by the famous Candy Cane Lane Christmas light display on this city's East Acacia Avenue.

Each December, residents adorn their homes with intricate and vibrant light decorations, transforming the neighborhood into a dazzling winter wonderland.
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Spectacular Extravaganza Bonanza
This annual tradition brings locals and visitors together rather than pitting them against each other, as is the case with the Evergreen Lane neighbors of Hallmark Channel's romantic comedy Haul Out the Holly.

The 2020 Hulu movie Happiest Season was set in the Candy Cane Lane in DuBoistown, considered the best neighborhood Christmas light display in Pennsylvania.

El Segundo Old Town Music Hall
Originally built in 1921, the Old Town Music Hall in El Segundo is a historic theater renowned for its dedication to preserving and showcasing classic films and live music performances.

With its Mighty Wurlitzer organ and nostalgic ambiance, this vintage venue offers a unique and immersive experience, transporting audiences back to the golden era of cinema and live entertainment.
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Sydel Twain Industrial Plastics
The Sydel Twain Industrial Plastics company building is actually the Optimist Studios in Los Angeles.
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Prizant Athletic Stadium
The track and football field is the Prizant Athletic Stadium at the Birmingham Community High School in Van Nuys.
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Kringle’s Virtual Holiday Shop
But where is Kringle’s Virtual Holiday Shop exterior?

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I loved Desperate Housewives! I miss this series so much. After watching the movie Candy Cane Lane, I think it's time to rewatch DH over the Christmas Holidays!

2- Anonymous - Dec 23, 2023, 7:08 PM
In the movie Candy Lane - the newscast person had a Toronto sick kid's Christmas sweater on - how did that get in?


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