Where was A Merry Scottish Christmas filmed? Glencrave and the real castle location

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Set in the fictional town of Glencrave, A Merry Scottish Christmas was filmed in a castle in Scotland, but mostly also in Ireland.

The story revolves around two American siblings, Dr. Lindsey Morgan (played by Lacey Chabert) and Brad Morgan (Scott Wolf), who visit their mother's childhood home in Scotland for the first time and discover a major family secret.

A Merry Scottish Christmas castle

Remember the '90s series Party of Five? Then, get ready for some nostalgia: Chabert and Wolf also played brother and sister in the six-season family drama about five siblings who lose their parents in a car accident.

Welcome to Glencrave and our spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of A Merry Scottish Christmas.

The A Merry Scottish Christmas castle

Glencrave Castle
The Duns Castle Estate in the Scottish Borders doubles as the fictional Glencrave Castle.

Dating back to the 14th century, the former Norman keep was transformed between 1818 and 1822 into the magnificent Neo-Gothic house seen in the movie.
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  Images courtesy of Jim Barton and Jennifer Petrie - Map

A Merry Scottish Christmas house
Family-owned since 1696, the charming Duns Castle sits at the center of a beautiful 1,200-acre estate.

Like many privately owned historic properties of this scale in Europe, the castle is often rented out for weddings, corporate events, and luxury stays.
Image courtesy of Jim Barton

Duns Castle Estate
Some of the castle's stunning interiors were also featured in the film, including the spacious Main Drawing Room.

With a lovely fireplace and gorgeous windows overlooking the surrounding nature reserve, this hall also serves as the castle's wedding ceremony room.
Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel

Dining Room Duns Castle
The splendid Dining Room, adorned with opulent furnishings, serves as a versatile space for weddings, stylish gatherings, and formal meetings.

The scenes with the horse were filmed in the stables of the castle.

The Glencrave town location

Glencrave Scotland
When the family goes to the town of Glencrave, it appears for the first time an establishing shot filmed in Inveraray.

This quaint town on the shores of Loch Fyne in western Scotland is known for its stunning 18th-century castle.
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Barberstown House Straffan
The rest of the production was filmed on location in Ireland.

The town's Christmas market square was filmed at the historic farm buildings of the Barberstown House in Straffan.
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Straffan Design clothing store
Located on the outskirts of Dublin in County Kildare, the Barberstown House is an elegant courtyard home to the Victorian Tea Rooms restaurant, Straffan Antiques, and Straffan Design, a clothing store that served as a fashion shop for Jo's best friend.

The Salingers pub
Glencrave's local pub, The Salingers, is Brennan's Kilteel Inn, located in the village of the same name in County Kildare.

Easter egg: This is the same name of the family restaurant in Party of Five.

- I'm sorry, do I know you? Also, actor Will Kemp, who starred with Chabert in Christmas Waltz and The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango, makes a cameo appearance.

This cozy old Irish pub is housed in a 100-year-old house with tiled floors, two Victorian fireplaces, and, according to the locals, a haunted room.
Image courtesy of Hallmark and Google Maps

Kilbride Distillery
The Kilbeggan Distillery in County Westmeath was renamed Kilbride Distillery for the tour and whiskey-tasting scenes.
Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel and Serge Ottaviani - Map

Kilbeggan Distillery
Established in 1757, Kilbeggan Distillery is one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Ireland, boasting a rich heritage in whiskey production.

Due to financial difficulties, the company ceased production in 1957, but the license was retained and the brand was later renovated, with distillation resuming on site in 2007.
Image courtesy of Whisky lover

Forge Head Shedlands Cafe
The Forge Head Shedlands Cafe is also one of the rooms at Barberstown House.

It seems that the scenes with the Shetland ponies were filmed in the grounds of Harristown House near Punchestown, also in County Kildare.

This beautiful Georgian mansion is surrounded by picturesque gardens and woodlands.
Image courtesy of Hallmark - Map

Barberstown Castle
The Barberstown House farm is adjacent to the Barberstown Castle, whose banquet hall is also featured in the movie as the Glencrave Christmas Ball room.

Lovingly restored into a luxurious hotel, this old 13th-century fortress blends historic charm with modern comforts, offering guests an enchanting stay within its ancient walls.
Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel - Map

Meet the cast

A Merry Scottish Christmas location
Best known for her role as Claudia on the FOX television series Party of Five, Lacey Chabert has appeared in dozens of Hallmark movies including the popular Wedding Veil trilogy.

Chabert also starred in Christmas at Castle Hart, the 2021 Hallmarkie taking place in a wonderful Irish castle.

The cast Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert
Rising to fame as Bailey Salinger on the iconic series Party of Five, Scott Wolf's career spans over two decades.

Wolf has appeared on several acclaimed shows including Everwood, The Nine, V, NCIS, Perception, and NBC's hit The Night Shift.

Most recently, he played Carson Drew on The CW's Nancy Drew series.

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Who made the dress Lacey wears to the ball and where can I get one?

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