Where was Gen V filmed? The Godolkin University and all the Locations

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Although the action is set in New York, Gen V was filmed entirely in and around Toronto, Ontario.

The Boys series spin-off takes us back to the dark and cynical world of the corporate-owned and often corrupt superheroes.

Gen V cast

In the new series, we will dive into the halls of Godolkin University, the prestigious superhero-only college where students train to become the next generation of heroes.

The main cast is led by Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau, who can control her own blood; Chance Perdomo as Andre Anderson, who has magnetic powers; and Lizze Broadway as Emma Meyer, alias Little Cricket, who has the ability to shrink.

Here is our guide to all the filming locations of Gen V, listed in chronological order. We will be updating and expanding this spoiler-free report every week as new locations are revealed.

The Godolkin University location

Godolkin University
The Godolkin University's School of Crimefighting is one of the newest buildings at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Opened in 2018, the Maanjiwe nendamowinan (abbreviated MN) is a building that is as modern, green, and sustainable as it is ugly.
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Crimson Countess Center for the Performing Arts
Although in the series they appear to be on the same campus, the Crimson Countess Center for the Performing Arts is actually located on the University of Toronto's central campus, St. George.

The Massey College served as the exterior and courtyard of the building.
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School of Crimefighting
Looking at these superhero stained glass windows and paintings, the office of Indira Shetty (the dean of the university, played by Shelley Conn) seems like a set built in the studios.

Godolkin Stadium
The Godolkin Stadium, where Marie and Emma go to watch Golden Boy's workouts in the first episode, "God U.", is the Sobeys Stadium in Toronto.

The octagonal tennis stadium at York University's Keele Campus, completed in 2004, is named after a supermarket chain.
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Godolkin University Gen V
The historic courtyards of Victoria University, located on the same campus as Massey College in Toronto, appear in several scenes throughout the series.

Established in 1836, the Victoria University is one of the oldest institutions within the University of Toronto Federation.
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Erindale Studio Theatre
The One on One TV set in the second episode, "First Day," was filmed at the Erindale Studio Theatre on the University of Toronto Mississauga campus.
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Sage Grove psychiatric hospital
The exterior of the Sage Grove Psychiatric Hospital in the third episode, "#ThinkBrink," was also featured in the series The Boys.

This building is part of the Southwest Center for Forensic Mental Health Care complex in St. Thomas.
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Godolkin Student Union
The Godolkin Student Union building is the main library of Victoria University, the E.J. Pratt Library.

By the way, the showrunners have created a Godolkin University website, where you can get your ID card or explore the campus on a virtual tour.
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Stardust Drive in Movie Theater
The Stardust Drive in Movie Theater, which first appears in the fourth episode, "The Whole Truth," is a real drive-in movie theater in Sharon, Ontario.

The theater's logo is the same as the one Emma wears on the T-shirt.
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Stay tuned for more filming location updates on this page!

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1- Anonymous - Nov 20, 2023, 7:09 PM
Very awesome to see this amazing show being shot so close to home!

2- Anonymous - Apr 12, 2024, 2:11 AM
I'm almost positive that the scenes filmed in the basement/side door of the house are a location on Indian Valley Trail and Glenwood. They've used it for a lot of stuff over the years, friends of mine have lived there, and I'm convinced it looks too familiar.


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