Where was The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart filmed? Agnes Bluff, Thornfield, & all the Locations

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Based on the bestselling book by Holly Ringland, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart was filmed in New South Wales and the Northern Territory, Australia.

The series features great filming locations, including the Thornfield farmhouse, the fictional town of Agnes Bluff, and the landscapes and villages where the story is set.

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alice Hart

The seven-episode series revolves around the journey of a young girl named Alice Hart (played by Alyla Browne and Alycia Debnam-Carey), who endures a traumatic childhood marked by tragedy and domestic violence.

After a devastating event, she is taken in by her estranged grandmother, June (Sigourney Weaver), on a flower farm.

Welcome to Wyuna, Thornfield, and our guide to all the filming locations of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. We will be updating and expanding this spoiler-free report each week as new locations are revealed.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Locations

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Location
We don't know the exact location of the house where the Hart family lives at the beginning of the series.

But judging by the establishing shots of the beautiful landscape, it must be on Harwood Island in the Clarence River Delta in New South Wales.

Located about 300 kilometers south of Brisbane, this stunning and ecologically diverse region of the Pacific Ocean provides vital habitat for a variety of wildlife species.
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Wyuna town
In the novel, the Wyuna village on the Australian coast is located miles away from the nearest town.

The scene where Alice goes to the library was filmed in Ulmarra, a small town of less than 500 inhabitants on the Clarence River near Grafton.
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Wyuna Public Library
The exterior of the Wyuna Public Library, where Alice meets Sally (played by Asher Keddie), is the Ulmarra Food Co. coffee shop at 7 Coldstream Street.
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Black Fire Orchid
John's police station is the former Macksville Hospital on Boundary Street, which was sold to a real estate developer a few years ago.

This is probably the same location where the hospital scenes were filmed.
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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart beach
This aerial shot is from Pippi Beach near Yamba, at the mouth of the Clarence River.

It looks like the beach scenes were also filmed in this area.
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Thornfield Australia
The scene in which Sally and John (played by Alexander England) try to talk to June was filmed outside Saint Paul's Anglican Church in Cobbitty.

Cobbitty is another small town in the Macarthur region, about an hour's drive southwest of Sydney.
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The Thornfield house and flower farm

Thornfield farm house
Thornfield, the women's farm where wildflowers bloom, is actually the historic Bickham homestead at Blandford in the Hunter Valley near the towns of Scone and Murrurundi.

Built in 1875, the house sits on 133 acres with four kilometers of frontage on the Pages River.
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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart house
The estate was sold for the first time in 165 years in 2021, to a family from Sydney.

Completely renovated in 1995, the estimated market value of this magnificent property is approximately $2,650,000.

Holly's Diner
Holly's Diner is the Old Road Cafe in Mount White, about 60 kilometers north of Sydney.
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Lantern Bush
This scene from the second episode, "Wattle", was filmed on Mayne Street and Adelaide Street in Murrurundi.

This small town located in the Upper Hunter region is located about 193 kilometers northwest of Newcastle.
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Durham Hotel Wingen
June follows the ex-husband of one of the women on her farm to the Durham Hotel in Wingen, a family-owned lodging.

As in the series, the hotel is located on the New England Highway, near Scone.
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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart where filmed
Sally and John's beautiful home by the seaside is a weatherboard cottage beside Avalon Beach in Sydney.

This picturesque coastal gem is renowned for its golden sands, crystal-clear waters and excellent surfing conditions.
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Agnes Bluff, Australia

Agnes Bluff
In the fourth episode, "River Lily", Alice drives to the fictional town of Agnes Bluff, the gateway to Mia Tukurta National Park.

Located more or less in Australia's geographic centre, Alice Springs doubles as Agnes Bluff.
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Mia Tukurta National Park
Alice meets Dylan, the guy who told her about the Janglay Waterhole.

This scene was filmed at the Standley Chasm, a spectacular gorge located about 50 km west of Alice Springs within the West MacDonnell National Park.
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Janglay Waterhole
The Janglay Waterhole is actually the Ormiston Gorge, located in the same park, about 135 kilometers west of Alice Springs via Larapinta Drive and Namatjira Drive.
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Gosse's Bluff Crater
The Mia Tukurta National Park crater is the Gosse's Bluff Crater in the Tnorala Conservation Reserve.

This striking geological formation was created by the impact of a meteorite over 142 million years ago, featuring a unique central peak surrounded by steep crater walls.
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Ormiston Gorge
The first waterhole in the fifth episode, "Desert Oak", is the Ormiston Gorge, located 135 kilometers west of Alice Springs.
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Desert Oak
The fireflies canyon is Simpsons Gap in the West MacDonnell Ranges, just about 18 kilometers west of Alice Springs.

However, it seems that you can't actually find that many lightning bugs in the area.
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1- Anonymous - Aug 12, 2023, 1:48 PM
I understand that the old Macksville Hospital was also used for a location. Possibly hospital scenes and or police stations.

2- Anonymous - Aug 19, 2023, 9:18 PM
I mountain biked out to Simpsons Gap many, many years ago with a traveling buddy. What a nice memory. The site is gorgeous... even without the fireflies.

3- Anonymous - Sep 1, 2023, 2:14 AM
The shop/cafe where Oggie's mum works is the Old Road Cafe at Mt. White, NSW. I work at the Cafe currently.

4- Anonymous - Sep 1, 2023, 5:28 PM
Fantastic information. I always love to know where filming locations are, so thanks for sharing that.

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I am always curious to know about lovely locations, thank you for taking the effort to post this info.


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