Where was The Royal Nanny filmed? The Real Castle Location

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James Bond comes to Hallmark! This Countdown to Christmas film is a classic holiday romance crossed with a spy thriller and The Crown.

Although the movie, featuring a fairytale castle, is set in the United Kingdom, The Royal Nanny was entirely filmed in Belgium.

Rachel Skarsten as agent Claire

The story revolves around MI7 secret service agent Claire (played by Rachel Skarsten), who goes undercover to protect the royal family from a threat just before Christmas.

Claire will have to overcome the challenges on her mission, trying not to fall under the charm of the handsome Prince Colin (Dan Jeannotte).

Welcome to Kensington Palace and our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of The Royal Nanny.

The Royal Nanny Castle

The Royal Nanny Castle
The magnificent Ooidonk Castle, located on the outskirts of the Belgian city of Ghent, doubles as Kensington Palace in London.

Sitting on the grounds of an old fortress, this landmark was rebuilt and transformed in the 16th century into a Renaissance and Hispano-Flemish style aristocratic residence.
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Where was The Royal Nanny filmed
Both the exterior and the interior of the royal residence were filmed on location at Ooidonk Castle.

Would you like to stay in one of the most beautiful manors in the country? Four superb rooms of the castle are available as bed and breakfast on Airbnb!

You won't be hosted by His Highness Prince Colin, but for about US$300 per night, you will be welcomed by the real owners of the estate who actually live there.

The Royal Nanny location
With plenty of old-world charm, this historic chateau surrounded by a deep moat was recently restored and refurbished.

The Royal Nanny castle is open to the public from April to September, and its wondrous French garden can be visited all year round.
Image courtesy of Francisco Conde Sánchez

The Royal Nanny Location

Palace of Charles of Lorraine
The movie features a lot of establishing shots of London, but all the scenes at the Christmas market were filmed in the Palace of Charles of Lorraine inner square in Brussels.

Located very close to the real Royal Palace of Brussels, today, this 18th-century complex serves as a museum.
Image courtesy of Fred Romero - Map

Domaine de Latour de Freins
Built in 1890, Domaine de Latour de Freins is a Flemish neo-renaissance style château in Uccle, near Brussels, which served as the fictional B&A Primary School.

The location where Ms. Lansbury trains Claire at the beginning of the movie is just behind this magnificent property surrounded by a wooded park of about 675 square feet (62.800m²).
Image courtesy of Altman - Map

Frogmore House
The Frogmore House in the movie is in real life a Beaux-Arts style mansion at Rue Américaine 221 in Ixelles, a municipality of the Brussels-Capital Region.

This gorgeous manor, owned by a used cars dealer, was designed by architect Thomas Jasinski in 1912.
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Cercle Gaulois Brussels
Atlas of Wonders has also tracked down the location of the palace's grand ballroom, filmed at the Cercle Gaulois in Brussels Park, behind the Royal Park Theatre. The charity scene was also recorded here.

Founded in 1848, today, the club works like a private cultural center, organizing concerts, exhibitions, and conferences.
Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel - Map

Caryatids Ballroom
Built in 1821, the Caryatids Ballroom is a masterpiece of Brussels neoclassical architecture.

This dazzling hall features two elevated musicians' loggias embellished with sculptures created by famed romantic French artist François Rude.
Image courtesy of Friends of Europe

Meet the cast

Rachel Skarsten

Where is your katana? Canadian actress Rachel Skarsten, apart from looking like the younger sister of Uma Thurman, gained recognition for her role as Dinah Lance in the Birds of Prey series.

Skarsten also starred in the television shows Lost Girl, Batwoman, Timeless Love, and Reign.

Dan Jeannotte

The lovely Prince Colin is played by Dan Jeannotte, who is best known for appearing in Good Witch as Brandon Russell, and in the drama series Reign along with Skarsten as James Stuart.

Jeannotte has been featured in many productions including Designated Survivor, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and The Bold Type.

The Royal Nanny cast
Greta Scacchi plays Ms. Lansbury, the Royal Family nanny trainer. Katie Sheridan is Princess Rose, the future Queen of England.

The main cast is completed by the kids Isabelle Wilson as Princess Elle and Phoenix Laroche as Prince Robert.

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1- Anonymous - Dec 28, 2023, 9:34 AM
You said the agency was MI5, but they say MI7 in the film. MI7 was a Propaganda unit during the First and Second World Wars only.

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   Thank you, updated!

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Where was the street with the lighted flying angels located? I have seen it used in several Hallmark Christmas shows this year.


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