Where was Fast & Furious 9 filmed? The House & ALL the Filming Locations: Montequinto

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The Fast and Furious family is celebrating twenty years of high-octane cars, brainless action thrills, and sensational filming locations.

F9 or Fast and Furious 9 was filmed in England, Scotland, Los Angeles, Thailand, and in the Caucasian nation of Georgia.

Fast Furious 9 Location

Former outlaw Dom Toretto (played by Vin Diesel) has settled down and is living with his son Brian and his wife, Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez). The crew returns to action when Cipher (Charlize Theron) teams up with Jakob (John Cena), Dom's younger brother, to take revenge on Dom and his team.

F9 is the sequel to The Fate of the Furious (2017). Hobbs and Shaw (2018) was a spinoff starring The Rock and Jason Statham, who don't even make a brief cameo, though F9 reunites many old members of the speedy troupe.

Welcome to our guide to all the filming locations of Fast and Furious 9. Following this link you will also find all the locations where the new Fast X movie was filmed.

The Baldwin Speedway

Baldwin Speedway
The 1989 flashback scene was filmed at Irwindale Speedway in Los Angeles, which was renamed Baldwin Speedway for the film.

This latest installment in the saga is speeding into theaters more than a year after its original May 2020 release date.
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Welcome to Montequinto

The group travels to Montequinto, a fictional place located somewhere in Central America, although it totally looks like what it is: Southeast Asia. These sequences were all filmed in Thailand.

The filmmakers chose to shoot in the Krabi province, famous for its impressive limestone cliffs, natural scenery, and for being the location of Leonardo DiCaprio's 2000 movie The Beach.

Most of the filming in the country took place on a scenic road and palm plantation in Ban Nai Sa in Khao Thong.
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Montequinto Fast and Furious
A total of eight different locations were used for filming in Thailand, including establishing shots to capture the limestone cliff scenery in Surat Thani and Phuket.

According to KFTV, the production also filmed scenes at the Wat Nai Sa temple in Khao Thong, and a mill in the Ban Bang Toei area of Thai Meuang.
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Mr Nobody underground safe house
The Thailand Film Office confirmed that all the scenes were recorded with stuntmen while the lead actors were filming in England and the USA.

The sections of the Montequinto sequence with the main cast were filmed at Leavesden Studios in England.

Several other sets were built at the studios, including the hangar, Mr. Nobody's underground safe house (played by Kurt Russell), and the scenes taking place in Tokyo with Letty and Mia (Jordana Brewster).

4th Street Bridge LA
The flashback scene in Los Angeles was filmed in the Arts District in downtown LA.

The race kicks off on Mateo Street and East 4th Place and goes over the historic 4th Street Bridge built in 1931.

Jahn Jet Propulsion Test Site
Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) recruit Sean (Lucas Black), Twinkie (Bow Wow), and Earl Hu (Jason Tobin) at the fictional Jahn Jet Propulsion Test Site in Cologne, Germany.

The scene with the Pontiac Fiero strapped to a rocket engine was actually filmed at the Royal Air Force Station Greenham Common in Berkshire, England.

This complex was used to store nuclear cruise missiles during the Cold War. Today, the area is designated as a public park and occasionally hosts filming productions such as the 2015 Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens.
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Noble M600 in London
Dom meets Queenie Shaw (Helen Mirren) at Boodles, a luxury jewelry store in London. This is a real store located at 178 New Bond Street in Mayfair.

The pair take the Noble M600 for a car chase that goes through many of London's landmarks, including Buckingham Palace, The Mall, and Westminster Abbey.
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The Fast and Furious House

Fast and Furious House
The party held at Otto's mansion (played by Thue Ersted Rasmussen) was filmed at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, the fabulous Jacobean-style country manor located about 20 miles north of London.
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Fast and Furious mansion
Pictured, a scene filmed at the golden-roofed Hatfield House's Long Gallery.

This 17th-century estate has been featured in many movies and TV shows including Rebecca, Bridgerton, and Wonder Woman.

Director Justin Lin with Dodge Charger
The shoot in Edinburgh lasted 19 days in September 2019. After the aerial footage featuring Edinburgh Castle, there is a scene filmed at St Giles' Cathedral. Ramsey (played by Nathalie Emmanuel) is sitting in a cafe outside, near Parliament Square.

Dom drives a gorgeous 1968 Dodge Charger with a mid-mounted V8 engine down the Royal Mile.

The chase with the truck containing the electromagnet continues to High Street, Victoria Street, Cockburn Street, and George Street.
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Behind the scenes of F9
Dom and his brother fall off the Regent Bridge. The chase splits at the intersection of West Port and Bread Street.
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Tbilisi satellite launch building
The strange satellite launch pad control tower in Tbilisi is the former Ministry of Automobile Roads. This building, looking like a pile of misplaced Tetris pieces, is today the Bank of Georgia headquarters.

The architect's idea was to make the building look like... a forest. Yep, the horizontal parts are supposed to be the crowns.

Although the structure is considered part of the Brutalism movement, the design is based on a concept named the Space City method, which consists of returning the space beneath the building to nature.
Image courtesy of Marco Fieber - Map

F9 The Fast Saga in Tbilisi
The family managed to shut down the busiest street in Tbilisi, the iconic Rustaveli Avenue. This is the heart and soul of the beautiful Georgian capital.

The starting-off point of this crazy magnetic chase was the central Liberty Square, featuring the Monument of St. George column.
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Fast and Furious 9 Armadillo
Stunts included catapults throwing cars at the armored trailer, called the Armadillo, on the same street where the Parliament of Georgia, The National Gallery, the Opera and Ballet Theatre, and the McDonalds are located.

The appliance store sequence with all the metal stuff flying out of the window was done on location with practical effects.

Fast and Furious 9 Drehorte
Some more filming took place at Vazha Pshavela Avenue and University Street.

The last section of the sequence, with many dilapidated apartment blocks, was filmed in the Georgian city of Rustavi, located about 20 miles southeast of Tbilisi.
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Dominic Toretto House
The new house, CGI'd to make it look like it's still under construction, is located at 722 East Kensington Road in Angelino Heights, Los Angeles.
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