Where was Warrior Nun filmed? Guide to ALL the Filming Locations

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Now back for the second season, Warrior Nun was entirely filmed in Andalusia and the Community of Madrid, Spain.

The series contains badass nuns armed with assault rifles, demons from hell, wondrous filming locations, and -thank God- a fair share of comedy.

Ava Silva and Adriel in season two

The show tells the story of a tetraplegic young girl who gets caught in a battle between good and evil after she wakes up in a morgue with extraordinary superpowers.

The series is based on the 1990s manga comic Warrior Nun Areala, created by Taiwanese cartoonist and screenwriter Ben Dunn.

Where was Warrior Nun filmed

Portuguese actress Alba Baptista is starring as Ava Silva, the Halo-Bearer. The international cast also includes Tristán Ulloa as Father Vincent, Toya Turner as Shotgun Mary, Thekla Reuten as Arqtech's CEO Jillian Salvius, and Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith.

Congratulations. You’ve made it to the greatest holy guide to Warrior Nun filming locations. You’ll find them in order of appearance, with the new season 2 updates below in the report. Now let’s get started!

Warrior Nun Locations

St. Michael's orphanage
St. Michael's orphanage is La Térmica Cultural Center in the city of Malaga.

The building, completed in 1912, was actually used as a hospice in the past and comprises several pavilions decorated with beautiful tiles and large stained glass windows.
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Image courtesy of Netflix and Tyk - Map

Michael's church
The St. Michael's orphanage temple's exterior, where the events in the crypt take place in the first episode, is the 16th-century Baroque Encarnación church in Marbella.

However, the temple's interior is the gorgeous San Juan de Dios church in Antequera.

This location is also the meeting point of Father Vincent's gang in episode 7, where it also appears the Old Hospital courtyard, adjacent to this church.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Marbella / Antequera

Psalms Proverbs
The scenes with Ava running on the beach and wandering around the town were filmed on Venus beach, the seaside promenade, and the streets near Marbella's central marina.

It looks like the rave scene was filmed at Malaga Provincial Prison.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Warrior Nun City
The Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCS) headquarters was set in the Real Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor Antequera.

The church is located on a hill overlooking the city next to the walls of an old 11th-century Moorish fortress, the Alcazaba.

Film crews dressed the splendid renaissance interiors of the temple for the shoot. The statue of Padre Pius Welter is actually dedicated to the priest and poet Pedro Espinosa.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Warrior Nun house
The luxurious house where Ava meets JC and friends (Emilio Sakraya) in the swimming pool is the most exclusive villa of the Hotel Marbella Club, Villa del Mar.

The mansion boasts 6.300 square meters of contemporary designed interiors with a large terrace, combining Moroccan and Spanish architecture.

The beautiful private pier is also part of the Marbella Club resort.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The castle and the Divinium sword
Flashback scenes with medieval warrior Areala of Cordova were shot in the Almodóvar del Río Castle.

Located in Córdova province, this fortress of Muslim origin was also featured in Game of Thrones season 7, depicting the ancestral Tyrell's home Highgarden and also sections of Casterly Rock, home of House Lannister.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Giborn - Map

Málaga harbour
The Port of Málaga and the Cruise Terminal appear in many scenes from the second episode onwards and especially in the fourth and fifth episodes.

In episode 5, the fight between the sisters takes place in the Port of Tarifa. It appears the Castle of Guzman, the Castle of Santa Catalina, and the passenger terminal to Tangier.
Image Netflix - Maps: Málaga / Tarifa

Arqtech company building
The headquarters of the Arqtech company is the Institute of Subtropical and Mediterranean Horticulture (IHSM) "La Mayora" at the Teatinos Campus of the University of Malaga.
Image by Netflix - Map

Sister Mary and the stone landscape
In episode 3, Shotgun Mary has a redemptive conversation with a mercenary at the Torcal quarry of Antequera.

The vast landscapes that Ava and Mary walk in episode 6 are also located in this natural limestone park with hiking trails.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Warrior Nun Villa in La Cala del Moral
The house that the JC group occupies in the fourth episode is located at the top of a privileged viewpoint by the sea in the area of the cliffs and tunnels of El Cantal in La Cala del Moral.

The house is available on Airbnb for 850 euros ($960) a day. The property is a luxury villa called El Barco with 4 bedrooms, a large garden with incredible sea views, and an infinity pool.
Image Netflix - Map

Shotgun Mary in Malaga
At the beginning of the sixth episode, Shotgun Mary walks down Real Street in Algarrobo-Costa.
Image Netflix - Map

The bridge city
If you made it to episode six, your sacrifice is rewarded with magnificent views of the stunning Puente Nuevo in Ronda.

This spectacular bridge saves a 390-feet-deep (120-meter) chasm. Its construction started in 1759 and took 34 years to complete.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Caserío de San Benito
The restaurant where Mary and Ava are eating is Caserío de San Benito located on the Malaga Highway near Antequera.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Warrior Nun drehort
Some more scenes set in the town of Francisco and Dolores were filmed in a nice square in Antequera.

Pictured in the center is the Portichuelo Chapel and the Santa María de Jesús church is to the right.

The scene fighting a possessed man in a shop was filmed in the Ruíz Butchery in Torre del Mar.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Antequera / Torre del Mar

Cardinal Duretti in Rome
The scenes set in Rome were actually filmed in locations spread over the two largest cities of Andalusia: Málaga and Seville.

There are some establishing shots in the Vatican, but the Roman Theatre is located in Málaga.

The long arched interior corridors and a courtyard are from the Palacio de la Aduana (Customs Palace), an 1829 historical building that houses the Malaga Museum.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Malaga Cathedral and the cardinals
The basilica where the Roman Curia and the cardinals have been summoned to elect a new Pope is the Malaga Cathedral.

This Renaissance-style structure hosts the magnificent 17th-century grand choir, one of the most dazzling works by Spanish sculptor Pedro de Mena.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Mother Superior in the necropolis
Sections of the necropolis where the demon-hunting nuns are looking for Adriel's tomb were filmed in the Baths of Lady María de Padilla in the Royal Alcázar of Seville.

This location was also featured in Game of Thrones and Emerald City. Some rooms in the Vatican were also filmed in this complex. Pictured below, the Hall of the Tapestries (Salón de los Tapices).
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The Tarask of Golden legend
The courtyard where the final battle takes place is in the Rectorate of the University of Seville, the large 18th-century old Royal Tobacco Factory building.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The Second Season Locations

Bar La Vasseur
In the first episode, "Galatians 6:4-5", Ava is in Switzerland two months after the events that took place in the season one finale.

However, we are not leaving Spain because all the scenes were filmed in Navacerrada. This Alpine-looking town and ski resort is located at the entry of the Guadarrama Mountains, only 32 miles (52 kilometers) away from Madrid.

The bar La Vasseur is actually a restaurant called El Portillón. The gas station in the second episode is also in Navacerrada, and the lake looks like the reservoir on the outskirts of town with the mountains CGI'd into the scene.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: La Vasseur / Gas station

Order of the Cruciform Sword
The Order of the Cruciform Sword headquarters in Spain changed location for season two.

This Renaissance building with a beautiful double cloister separated by columns is the Hospital de Tavera or Hospital de San Juan Bautista in the city of Toledo.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Vatican City scenes
The scenes in the Vatican City, instead of Malaga and Seville, were filmed at the Royal Seat of San Lorenzo de El Escorial near Madrid.

The basement where Duretti takes the cardinal to extract information from him is the crypt of the Mendoza family in the church of San Francisco de Guadalajara, very similar to the Royal Crypt (the Pantheon of Kings) of the Escorial.

Built in the 16th century, this massive historical residence of the King of Spain is the largest Renaissance building in the world.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Escorial / Cript

Arq-Tech estate
The Arq-Tech estate where Jillian Salvius is testing the Arc was filmed at Quinta de Mirabel located near Toledo.

Director Pedro Almodóvar shot his 2011 film The Skin I Live In in this 16th-century ranch with Italian-style fresco paintings.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Adrian house
Adrian's hideout is the Mudéjar-style Galiana Palace and gardens near Toledo.

This monumental Moorish summer villa, rebuilt in the 13th century, was restored in 1959 after being half abandoned for decades.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Lilith fight scene
One of the best action scenes of the series, shot as if it was a video game, is Lilith's fight scene at the end of the first episode.

The sequence was recorded at the Bodega Real Cortijo de Carlos III in Aranjuez, a winery built by this Spanish king in 1782.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Adriel William Miller
Adriel's miracle was filmed in Parque de la Montaña in Madrid, with the Temple of Debod in the background.

This original ancient Egyptian temple was dismantled in the 60s and rebuilt in Madrid in appreciation of Spain’s help in saving the Abu Simbel temples.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Cine Doré
The greenhouse in Madrid, where Mother Superion and Camila find Yasmine Amunet was filmed at the El Ángel del Jardín flower shop in the Cortes neighborhood.

Built in 1912, the vintage Dore Cinema is used for Filmoteca Española screenings.

The movie on the screen, Sor Citroën, is a 1967 classic Spanish comedy about a nun who drives a Citroën 2CV.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Maps: Greenhouse / Cine Doré

Art heist in the Prado Museum
But, did Netflix get permission to film in one of the best art museums in the world?

Scriptwriter and director Brenden Gallagher confirmed that the art heist in the Prado Museum was filmed at the actual location.

He tweeted that "Not often you get to shoot one of the most famous paintings in the world", in reference to this scene, pictured, with Camila and Velázquez's Las Meninas in the background.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Tubular bridge Madrid
The tubular bridge in episode four, "Corinthians 10:20-21", is the Arganzuela Footbridge crossing the Manzanares river in Madrid.

This modern structure was designed in 2010 by French architect Dominique Perrault.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Adriel cathedral Warrior Nun
Adriel's new cathedral is the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute (IPCE) building in Madrid.

The nickname of this brutalist-style building, the Crown of Thorns, could not be more appropriate.

The project was started in 1965 and in 1970, when the building was only 4 months away from completion, it was abandoned for 16 years. This concrete monster was finally completed in 1990 to host the IPCE, which is what it was originally created for.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

La Almudena Cemetery art-nouveau
The next plague graveyard where Ava and Miguel follow a bunch of believers is La Almudena Cemetery.

The art-nouveau church is the necropolis chapel, which opened in 1884.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Princesa Plaza hotel
The shocking conclave where Cardinal Francesco Duretti gathers all the church representatives in the the fifth episode, "Mark 10:45", was filmed at the Princesa Plaza hotel in Madrid.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Falling Angel graffiti
The scene with the believers and the Falling Angel graffiti in episode seven, "Psalms 116:15", was filmed at the Segovia Street Viaduct in Madrid.

Boasting impressive views of the area, the bridge connects La Morería with the Royal Palace quarter.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Monastery of Uclés
The nuns complex which appears in the season finale middle-credits scene is the 16ht-century Monastery of Uclés in Castile-La Mancha.

The monastery was built in a hilltop by the Order of Santiago knights.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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