Top 5 Films Every Student Should Watch in 2020

Camera shooting in the school
Do you know what films moviegoers are discussing these days? Check the updated list of the top 5 films every student should watch in 2020 to keep step with film industry novelties.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet what film to watch, we drew up a list where you can find the latest must-watch films.

The Way Back

Sports enthusiasts will love this film. Jack Cunningham was a rising basketball star in high school, but at some point, he gave up the sport. He lost fame, money, and family because of his addiction to alcohol and pills. Soon, life gives Jack a second chance — he starts coaching the basketball team of his native school that is considered to be outright losers. However, Jack and his team need to get together, overcome their distrust and win. Watch this American sports drama to see if they could do it.

Bad Education
Bad Education
The film tells us the story of a charismatic principal of a prestigious school in one of the richest suburban areas of New York's Long Island — Frank Tassone. Absolutely everyone adores the charming principal. His graduates enrol in the best universities, teachers admire him, and students’ parents give him presents. But suddenly Frank’s reputation is ruined after someone reveals his true secret to success. Frank and school administrator Pam are willing to do anything to keep their criminal scheme from the public.

The Half of It

Ellie Chu is a 17-year-old provincial introvert schoolgirl. She takes care of her unemployed father, who after moving to the United States hasn’t learned English yet, remembers her dead mother and unlike her peers doesn’t dream of escaping from town to university as soon as possible. One day she is asked for a strange favor. A stupid athlete, Paul, who can barely string a few words together, asks Ellie to write a love letter to one of the most popular girls in school — Aster. Paul has never spoken to Aster, and he hopes to win her affection with romantic letters. At first, Ellie refuses to help, but soon she agrees for the sake of money. Over time, Ellie realizes that she fell in love with Aster. If you want to know how these guys cope with this love triangle, hurry up to catch this story!

The Assistant

The film is about Jane, a recent college graduate who gets a job at a production company. Doing a typical assistant job, she learns about systematic harassment from her boss and tries to attract the colleagues’ attention to the problem, but doesn’t find any support. Jane’s boss is a powerful magnate who hasn’t been shown in the film directly. His actions could be seen only through the main heroine’s eyes. The assistant’s story is based on real events that were happening to several assistants of one American film producer.

The Painter and the Thief

This stunning film is about young Czech painter Barbora Kysilkova and thief Karl-Bertil Nordland who stole two of her paintings that are displayed in an Oslo gallery. Being caught, Norland says that he can’t remember why he did it as he knew that he couldn't get big money for this “scribble.” Barbora isn’t much interested in the thief’s punishment. She wonders where he takes her paintings and what happened to them. Eventually, when she meets the thief, she decides to paint his portrait and, thus, their friendship starts. These two fly in the face of public demand to show how society gives people around labels, and they stick to them forever without any chances to be changed.


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