Where is Perry Mason filmed? The City of Los Angeles Filming Locations

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The new HBO Perry Mason series is a spin-off of the classic CBS television series rather than a reboot. The six-part thriller goes deep in the origins of the cult detective, before he became the black and white criminal defense lawyer, played by Raymond Burr, that we all remember.

The Perry Mason character, played by Matthew Rhys (The Americans, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood), is also inspired by the Erle Stanley Gardner best selling book series. Produced by Robert -Ironman- Downey Jr, the show is directed by Tim Van Patten, who also has directed episodes of Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos and Game of Thrones.

This new Perry Mason was filmed in Los Angeles, the city where traditionally the stories of the fictional attorney had always been set. We are spoiler-free and as usual, we will be updating and improving this filming locations report every week:

Perry Mason city
The first episode starts at Angels Flight Railway, a funicular located in Bunker Hill. This historical landmark of the city of Los Angeles closed in 2013 due to a derailment, until the film crew of the La La Land movie arranged to make it running for the shoot. As you can see, the surroundings of the funicular had to be totally CGI'd to set the action back in the thirties.
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Image courtesy of HBO and Anson Chu - Map

Perry Mason location in San Pedro
The rainy scenes in the Ptomaine Tommy restaurant were filmed in San Pedro's 6th Street. The art-deco cinema is the magnificent Warner Grand Theatre, located next door. The production dressed exteriors of store windows to look like the time period Perry Mason is set, during the years of the Great Depression. The courtroom scenes were filmed in the old City Hall building on Sixth Street and Harbor Boulevard.
Image courtesy of HBO and Google Maps / Court House Map

The church in Los Angeles
The Radio Assembly of God temple exterior where Sister Alice (Tatiana Maslany) delivers sermons is the Second Church of Christ Scientist at 948 W Adams Blvd (University Park neighborhood of Los Angeles). The interiors were filmed in the 1914 Trinity Auditorium in the old Embassy Hotel at 851 S Grand Ave in Downtown LA.
Image courtesy of HBO and Google Maps - Hotel Map

Mountain View Mausoleum
The funeral home is the spectacular 1923 Mountain View Mausoleum on Marengo Avenue in Altadena. All the scenes in the burial ground, including the awesome episode 7 sequence, were filmed here in the graveyard. The cemetery was established in 1882 and hosts many historically significant personalities. The Chapel of Radiance was also featured in Netflix Lucifer series season 4. Image courtesy of HBO and Ron Gilbert - Map

The Ebell of Los Angeles
The clubhouse is the hall of The Ebell of Los Angeles, off of Wilshire Boulevard in The Miracle Mile district. Founded in 1894, this historic women’s club complex includes the Ebell Club, the Clubhouse and the Theater. The First World War scene was shot in the studios in Santa Clarita. Image courtesy of HBO and Los Angeles - Map

Los Angeles City Hall courtroom
The justice court exteriors and some halls and corridors are the stunning Los Angeles City Hall building. Completed in 1928, the neoclassical arched entrance is combined with a 454 feet (138 m) high Art Deco tower. Image courtesy of HBO - Map

Perry Mason drehort
The dam is the old Devil's Gate Reservoir in La CaƱada Flintridge. The beach from episode 5 is the Cabrillo Beach, near the historic 1932 Mediterranean-style Bath House. Image courtesy of HBO - Maps: Dam / Beach

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  1. The interiors of the church are the Embassy Hotel / Trinity Auditorium at 851 S Grand Ave

  2. Any idea where the casino scenes in episode 3 were filmed?

    1. It sure looked like the Oasis in Death Valley

  3. The dam is Devil's Gate Dam located upstream from the Rose Bowl and downstream from JPL between Pasadena and La Canada. It can be viewed from Woodbury Rd. Water behind it is CGI.

  4. The golf course where they found the dead body in Ep. 4 looks like River Ridge in Oxnard. Anybody know for sure?

    1. I thought it was scholl canyon in Glendale

  5. Where are the homes of sister Alice, EB, Perry, Emily filmed. Thanks !

  6. I believe the Dodson home was filmed in Pasadena, on Madison at N. Los Robles Ave.

  7. The bungalow court was filmed on Bank St. in South Pasadena


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