The Capone House Filming Location: Where was Capone filmed?

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The Capone movie features a magnificent manor house, following the spirit of the original mansion that the infamous mobster owned in Florida. However, this time no filming took place in the Sunshine State.

Inspired by actual events, the biographical film portraits the last decadent days of the Chicago gangster, suffering from dementia and neurosyphilis.

Tom Hardy as Capone in his mansion

With Tom Hardy taking on the lead role as Al Capone, the supporting cast includes Linda Cardellini (Dead to Me), Kyle MacLachlan (Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks), Matt Dillon (Drugstore Cowboy, There's Something About Mary), Jack Lowden (Dunkirk, War, and Peace) and Noel Fisher (Shameless, The Twilight Saga).

The Capone house and all the movie was filmed in Louisiana, in and around New Orleans.

Here is our guide to the filming locations of the drama, released on video on demand as the screening in cinemas was not possible due to the crisis:

Capone house
The Capone mansion used to shoot the movie is a stately home located at 18447 3 Rivers Road, in the outskirts of Covington.

The stunning 18 acre Mediterranean riverfront estate was built in 2004 and has a market value of $7,5 million.
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Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment - Map

Al Capone movie estate
According to Realtor, the household of the legendary mob boss in the film has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

The amenities featured in this luxury property include a wine cellar, pool, gym, guest home, tennis court, greenhouse, workshop, boat dock, and a tree cabin on a small river island.
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Interior rooms of the manor
A lot of filming took place in the Italian villa, apart from some corridors and rooms that were shot probably in the studios in New Orleans.
Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment and Realtor

Al Capone Mansion Florida
The real Al Capone house in Florida that he bought in 1928 is a neo-colonial style home on Miami Beach's Palm Island.

The waterfront property at 93 Palm Avenue in 1928 was on the market in 2018 for almost $15 million. The 6,000 square foot villa has four bedrooms, three-and-a-half-baths, two swimming pools, and a gatehouse converted into a guesthouse.
Image courtesy of The Jills/Coldwell Banker Real Estate - Map

Shoot set in New Orleans
Sections of the violent dreamlike scene back in Chicago were shot partially in the beautiful Art Deco hall of the New Orleans Lakefront Airport.

This awesome location was also featured in the Jamie Foxx movie set in New Orleans city, Project Power.
Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment and Sandra Cohen-Rose - Map

Trees alley sequence
The oak alley scene was filmed in the Evergreen Plantation, situated in the town of Edgard.

Covington is also the location where the Sweet Magnolias series was filmed.
Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment - Map

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