7 Best Movies to Motivate You to Write Creative Essays

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It seems that a bit of creativity will help you write the best essay ever. It’s true to some extent.  But you need a portion of knowledge as well. If you’ve got the skills and knowledge, but creativity is what you lack, look for it in the best movies.

Not only books or inspiring quotes may help you find your true creative self. Many movies are not other Hollywood blockbusters, but the bearers of the true creative essence and kick-offs that show you why you should move forward, why you should create, why you should write.

When your task is to write a creative essay, and you have no idea what to start with, turn off the lights, press the play button, and draw inspiration from one of these seven masterpieces.

Top 7 Sources of Creativity for Your Inspiration Essay

1- Frida (2002): Innovative and creative Frida Kahlo is mostly known for being one of the most outstanding artists in the 1930s. But what her contemporaries saw was only the result of the chain of events. One of the top important chain elements was her whirlwind romance. Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd’s performance is amazing, but what inspires most is Frida’s uncompromising personality. This movie is your must-see for inspiration when writing an essay. Image courtesy of  Miramax Films

500 Days of Summer
2- 500 Days of Summer (2009): What about being able to see love and heartbreak through art? This is what the movie is about. The movie is so aesthetically appealing that you will hardly take your eyes off the screen. The graphics, music, and filming — everything inspires to create. But wait till Tom starts dancing or sketching various buildings... It seems so easy, so elegant, so creative! Grab your own part of creativity while watching the movie, and then start working on your essay.
Image courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

Mamma Mia
3- Mamma Mia! (2008): An Italian expression? An ABBA’s song? Nope! A movie with the beauty of Greece as the main setting point. From the start, the musical seems simple and easy-to-understand. The same emotions remain until the final minute. But what it teaches you is that being unique is your main creativity. You don’t need to try to look like others or do what others do. You must go your own way. Prepare for a great desire to dance and sing. Plus, a huge number of ideas for your essay is guaranteed.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

The Intern
4- The Intern (2015): Next time you think you can’t do something or there’s no chance you could cope with the assignment, watch The Intern movie for inspiration and all doubts will vanish. He’s in age, but he feels like starting something new, extraordinary. Will Ben Whittaker manage or not? Plus, there’s so much girl-bossy power in this movie. After watching it, you’ll see that creativity doesn’t have an age or gender, size or form. You can achieve anything you desire, it’s only your wish that is needed. Do you still doubt? Watch and see.
Image courtesy of  Warner Bros

5- Ratatouille (2007): Cooking is another type of creative job. French cooks have proven that ages ago. But can anyone cook? According to the late Auguste Gusteau — YES! And what if this ‘anyone’ isn’t actually a person, but a mouse? The more inspiring and creative plot is very hard to find!
Image courtesy of Pixar

Eat Pray Love
6- Eat Pray Love, 2010. It is possible to find yourself lost even if it seems that you have everything a modern woman is dreaming of — family, friends, career. Try and step out of your comfort zone. That’s what Elizabeth Gilbert decides to do. An unexpected move leads to more than an around-the-world journey. It leads to self-discovery. You’ll discover more about your inner creativity too, after watching.
Image courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Hidden Figures
7- Hidden Figures (2016): Women in space, science, college, high positions... That’s not what surprises these days. Black women in space, science, college, and high positions in the 1960s is something that seems to be outstanding. You will love the movie: it’s based on a true story and inspires you to strive to the best you can without giving up a single moment. Just because something has never been done before (by you or anyone else) doesn’t mean you need to give up on that, refuse from the idea or underestimate yourself.
Image courtesy of  20th Century Fox

These movies can teach a lot if you are open to perception. Watch with pleasure to write your creative essay in the most successful way.

If you still believe that creative writing can become a real stumbling block on your path to academic success, you can always get in touch with a team of expert essay writers. Feel free to find someone to write your essay or draft it for you. And you will learn from that really a lot!


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