Where was Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? The House & Mill Valley, Pennsylvania

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Scary stories to tell in the dark is a film adaptation based on the 1981 best-selling collection of short horror stories for children by American author Alvin Schwartz.

Set in 1968, the movie revolves around a group of teenagers from a small town, the fictional Mill Valley in Pennsylvania, who find a rare book in a secret room of the local haunted house.

Where was Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark filmed

This gang of nerdy high-school students will soon find out that new stories have been freshly written in the book -with blood, of course- and that these terror tales are actually happening in the real world.

The film is directed by André Øvredal and produced by a heavyweight name of the fantasy genre, Guillermo del Toro. The main cast is led by Zoe Colletti, Michael Garza, Gabriel Rush, and Dean Norris (from Breaking Bad).

Scary stories to tell in the dark was filmed in and around Toronto in Ontario. Here is our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of this production.

Welcome to Mill Valley, Pennsylvania

House Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
The Bellows family old Victorian mansion is the Fairbanks House (also known as the Sunnyside Mansion), located in Petrolia, Ontario.

This beautiful building, constructed in 1891, is a large, expensive to maintain 22-room manor that has been vacant for a long time.
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Mill Valley Pennsylvania
The Pennhurst Hospital Asylum for the Insane was shot at the old and now permanently closed St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital.

Some more filming of the town took place in Hamilton and Toronto.
Image courtesy of Lionsgate and Elgin County Archives - Map

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark drehort

The Locke and Key filming locations also include an awesome haunted house; check them out here!

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    3. They do it all the time, many Marvel shows are shot in Canada, but they stick an American name on it.

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